“If it’s only about performance …”
Matthew explains Pothen’s problem

Lothar Mathias thinks Jerome Boden is better than the German EM Center-Fax. The shortage of Bayern experts is not an issue for the record-breaking national player. On the contrary: when he returned, things got worse than the current results.

No, Lothar Mathias is convinced that performance alone is not enough for Joachim Low. If so, the RDL expert said before the German national football team’s match against Denmark in the evening, then national coach Jerome Botten would have to be brought back to the national team along with Mats Hummels and Thomas Mல்லller. The FC Bayern professional, who has been very successful with the club in recent years, is no doubt one of the German central defenders last season. But Lo left it with the return of two of the three world champions who were eliminated in March 2019. A scandal? Is it a pity? Lothar Matthias says no.

“If it was about performance, Jerome Boden would be worth it, but the jockey might want to relax a bit,” the RDL expert explains. Because Polleng would have come up with the same ambitions as Mல்லller and Hummels – a regular place. “We have enough players who can play in this position,” Matthias said. “So the decision to get both players (Mல்லller and Hummels, editor’s note) and not Bodeng.”

Unlike Matthew

“If you bring back such players,” M முller and Hummels meant, “You have to give them a clear responsibility and hold them accountable. Then of course they are set up,” Lowe had already thought about world champions Mல்லller and Hummels at the beginning of May and Boden. “Set”, a position he does not want to give to Boden, instead of having a disgruntled world champion on the bench, Low wants to trust central defenders Antonio Rodger, Matthias Zinder, Robin Koch and Nicholas Cell with Hummels.

Lou never doubted that Hummels and Mல்லller would never have to stand in line again. Matthias now praised the national coach at RDL for clearly moderating the arrival of the two world champions, and Lowe gave him clear expectations. Achievement International experienced it very differently: then national coach Bertie Voges reactivated Matthias for the 1998 World Cup, but kept the former world footballer on the bench for the first two team games. The team was then eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Lowe likes it, and now Vogt’s predecessor and Matthias will handle it much differently than that. “Here we can see the obvious signs straight away. And I think no one will have any problem getting along with the team. They’s two lead wolves, which is why they ‘re inside. Matthew “hopes for the next five or six weeks”.

Swinestiger is harshly critical

TV expert Bastian Schweinsteiger criticized his decision against Bodeng in “Sport Built”: “It was a mystery to him why Bodeng was not recommended” In his view, Schweinsteiger said there was no way around Bodeng. If I go through last season’s central defenders, Jerome is the best man in the Bundesliga for me, and he’s better than all the defenders in Germany’s EM team now, “said the 36-year-old.

In an interview with RDL, Low reiterated his decision, explaining why returnees immediately slip into key roles: “This experience and leadership is important – you need players who are responsible for you, especially in difficult moments,” he said before the kick-off. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer defended the three-man chain in front of 32-year-old Hummels and Nicholas Cele and Matthias Zinder against national coach Danes, which is in addition to a five-man chain trailing by Lucas Closterman and Robin Cossans. “In the last row I want more conciseness, more clarity, more strength, overall presence,” Lowe said.

That’s why Hummels and Mல்லller – in contrast to Bodeng – scored 2-2 against the Netherlands on November 19, 2019, 929 days after the last international match for Germany, 2-2 after playing the national anthems in a DFP jersey again in Kelsenkirchen. Mல்லller for the 101st time and Hummels for the 71st time. For M முller and Hummels it felt like an eternity. Now is the day, the moment of contentment. “It was a goal to get me to work here again,” Hummels said. M முller also felt that the TFP landing by national coach Joachim Low in the spring of 2019 was a “personal failure”.

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