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Booking numbers for crane airline have increased significantly in the past few weeks. Accordingly, Lufthansa is also bringing two more Boeing 747-8s back into service.

The epidemic situation continues to ebb in some parts of the world – demand is increasing. Accordingly, a few days ago, Lufthansa decided to reactivate another 50 aircraft. Among them are real celebrities with two Boeing 747-8s. This means that two more Jumbos of the newer version will return to regular service, such as Aero mentioned.

Awake kisses from deep blow

When we were in Frankfurt Airport a few weeks ago, we saw a real beauty in a retro look in front of the lens. A Boeing 747-8 carrying the D-ABYT registration has been towed over the southern parking lot in the north to maintenance hangars. Apparently the plane, which at that time still lacked two GEnx turboprops, was ready to take off again. The jumbo in retro paint has been standing on the Frankfurt plaza for over a year. That should have finally changed since June 3. And on Thursday evening, a Boeing 747-8 took off again with passengers on board for the first time. Target: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Just a short time ago, the Yankee Tango completed its first test flight after storage. The plane has now landed safely in Frankfurt and is preparing for the upcoming missions.

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The sister aircraft, currently carrying the D-ABYA registration, is still in Hamburg, but is also in the process of preparing for a comeback. It is said to be the thirteenth aircraft in the Boeing 747-8 sub-fleet to be returned to regular service. There are a total of 19 units of this type in the Lufthansa fleet. Together they should replace the largest plane in the group. Old units of the Boeing 747 series will be phased out. The first aircraft have already been sold in the USA. A similar fate is likely to overtake the Airbus A380-800. Just a few days ago, the penultimate super jumbo left his home in Frankfurt and, like his match-mates, was sent to Teruel, Spain. The final end of this sub-fleet has yet to be determined, even if it has been repeatedly suspected. If demand increases accordingly, the door of the Airbus A380-800 on the crane airline may remain open.

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Conclusion on the return of jumbo

The rise in Lufthansa bookings is evident across the board. The desire to travel is great and therefore the airline operating with a crane can book a high demand on both European routes and long-distance routes. Boeing 747-8s are among 50 aircraft that will be reactivated in the next few days and weeks. The first plane, in a notable retro appearance, has already returned to regular service and has been allowed to depart for Brazil on the first expedition since March. We were able to observe the plane as it was preparing for it a few weeks ago in Frankfurt.


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