Schlagercountdown (ARD): Silbereisen's friend talks for the first time about a new chapter on TV

Florian Silberisen stars as host of ARD’s “Schlagercountdown” event.

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Florian Silbereisen welcomes fellow Schlager colleague Christoff de Bolle to the ARD program “Schlagercountdown”. He talks for the first time about his recent breakup.

MUNICH – Saturday evening (June 5th) is sure to be the highlight of the week for many Schlager fans: audience favorite Florian Silberisen invites you to his new TV show “Schlager Countdown – Coming Soon!” m time in the ARD. There he will welcome songs such as Andrea Berg, Andy Borg and Andreas Gaballier. Ex-girlfriend Helen Fisher is also said to be part of the party. Since it likely won’t be a live show, there’s been wild speculation about her appearing in advance.

There will also be a meeting with fellow Silbereisen band Christophe de Paul. Both are members of the Schlager band Klubbb3 and have celebrated musical successes alongside Jan Smit. De Bolle has recently made headlines less with his music than his split from partner Ritchie. So far, the Schlager singer has not commented personally. But he wants to talk about it for the first time on the TV show from his friend Florian.

“Schlagercountdown” (ARD): Florian Silberisen talks to Schlager’s companion about his breakup

Four years later, DePaul and Ritchie will go their separate ways from now on. The 44-year-old recently announced this on his Instagram account with a picture of him and Richie. A shock to many fans of the singer. Because it was only two years ago when the two got engaged in front of a television audience in Silbereisen’s live show “Schlagerbooom.” The background to the breakup is not yet known, and de Paul asked his fans to handle the situation themselves. They are not available for interviews and comments. But now it looks like the hit star wants to reveal more. At least that was announced by his colleague and host Florian Silberisen.

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He posted a selfie with de Bolle on his Instagram account. “Of course, close friends are there for each other even in difficult times!” , he wrote and also announced: “In the countdown to Saturday’s 8:15 p.m. hits, my KLUBBB3 friend Kristof tells me how he’s now after the breakup!” He captioned the photo: “You are my hero.”

“Schlagercountdown” (ARD): Fans are full of anticipation for the TV event

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to the announced TV event and to see the band members get together. One follower commented on the photo: “Klubbb3 must go on, you are a great team.” Another person says, “Good friends are very important.” Another fan put it wisely: “Everything belongs to life and goes on, but in a different way.” And it seems that the stars themselves can hardly wait for the Schlager fun to begin. Because even Ross Anthony actually posted a picture with Silbereisen on his Instagram account in great anticipation.

“I can’t wait to see each other live again. I lack your energy,” he writes there. Viewers and Schlager fans may be curious to know what surprises the presenter has in store for the new ARD show. Then it will finally become clear what Helen Fisher will look like. However, Stefan Murs recently came to an assumption about her comeback that shouldn’t please her fans. (jbr)


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