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NIO and XPeng Motors set sales records

NIO and XPeng Motors set sales records

NIO and Xpeng Motors once again recorded strong growth in their e-car sales in September 2021. In other words, China’s EV startups managed to achieve a record month in terms of their EV sales.

Thanks to the combined efforts of its own team and supply chain partners, NIO was able to deliver 10,628 vehicles worldwide – this corresponds to a strong growth of 125.7% over the previous year. Deliveries included 1,978 ES8, the brand’s seven-seat electric SUV, 5,260 ES6, a mid-size SUV, and 3,390 EC6, as NIO calls its SUV coupé. In addition, NIO was able to record the delivery of the first series of electric vehicles in Norway.

NIO delivered 24,439 vehicles in the third quarter of 2021, an increase of 100.2% year over year and above the upper end of the company’s quarterly forecast. By September 30, 2021, cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 vehicles had reached 142,036 vehicles. Another milestone for the startup was definitely the fact that NIO was able to open another NIO house at the end of September. There you will find, among other things, the NIO Café, the library, the living room, the children’s holiday camp, and much more. There are more than just touch points with electric cars, as the Chinese brand suggests. So far, there are more than 26 NIO houses in China.

For its part, XPeng can also take a look at the successful month of September. The startup recorded the highest monthly delivery ever with 10,412 smart electric vehicles, an increase of 199% over the previous year and 44% over the previous month. In the third quarter of 2021, the company had a quarterly record with 25,666 births, an increase of 48% over the previous quarter and 199% over the previous year.

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August deliveries included the 7512 P7, the smart sports sedan, 2656 G3 and G3i smart SUVs and the 244 P5 smart family sedan, which officially launched on September 15. The Chinese startup announced that more than 10,000 reservations were received within 53 hours. Which indicates that we will see an increase in XPeng sales in the future.

By September 30, 2021, a total of 56,404 vehicles have been delivered in the year to date, which is an increase of 301% over the previous year. P7 deliveries in September were the highest monthly total since its inception, adding 39,227 units to the company’s cumulative deliveries from January to September 2021.

Source: NIO – press release / XPeng Motors – press release


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