“Eldorado KaDeWe – Now is our time”
KaDeWe series on ARD: That’s why you can find modern cars

Series "Eldorado KaDeWe" Takes the 1920s into the present.

The “Eldorado KaDeWe” series takes the 1920s to the present.

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Loud, lively, dirty: The ARD series “Eldorado KaDeWe” was set in Berlin in the 1920s – and modern cars, for example, can still be seen. The director explains.

The ARD series “Eldorado KaDeWe – Now is our time” tells four young people looking for their personal happiness. The famous luxury department store in Berlin in the 1920s serves as the backdrop for “Kaufhaus des Westens” or “KaDeWe” for short. The mini-series, which celebrated its TV premiere at 8.15pm on Monday evening, is thankful for the unusual image design. Because Berlin is shown where it is today.

This is how some viewers showed themselves On Twitter There was a bit of annoyance with the modern cars that can be seen in the background in the episodes and it was not really there at the time. However, director and screenwriter Julia van Haynes has explained why there are modern elements in the series.

Berlin today as it was then

“Through research it became more and more clear to me: this city was noisy, a roaring city full of machinery and traffic. I know: no matter what evidence I have, I can not represent this size. I can always block a street and repeat the same ten cars. To send there “,” Heinz says according to ARD About the portrayal of Berlin in the series.

Thus, “the view of Berlin today is much closer to the view than anything I have historically produced and produced – its dirt, its dystopia, its noise and vibrancy”. It also made sense for the screenwriter to focus on the present. “Many of the issues that led to the conflict back then are actually still a big topic today.” Heinz cites women’s rights, bizarre rights, weak democracy, homelessness and anti-Semitism as examples. To them, the concept of the present is a visual expression of “it is not something behind us, but rusting into the present.”

“Eldorado KaDeWe – Now is our time” can now be found in the ARD Media Library


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