Elden Ring 2 - How likely is a complement to occur?

No matter if you follow the noise elden ring Fell for you or largely ignored Role Playing Game: The Huge Timepiece of Home of software It’s been hard to ignore since its release on February 25, especially when it comes to public perceptions and very positive press coverage.

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No wonder: Elden Ring has now sold over 12 million copies (Buy now € 53.98 /50.99 € ) The greatest success in Japanese development studio history, and while Demon’s Souls was still considered the epitome of niche titles, the game developer for Evil spiritsAnd Bloodborne and Sekiro have long since entered the mainstream. One continuation To Elden Ring seems inevitable – right?

Expansion and further development of the Elden Ring brand

One has been announced sequel Not yet about Elden Ring, but there are actually some indications and concrete data that prove From Software still has some plans for the middle country. at From the program press release In person, they not only celebrated the 12 million games sold recently, but also briefly discussed the future of Elden Ring as a brand.

There it specifically says: “Please look forward to more of the Elden Ring brand (characters and other intellectual property) that we hope will transcend the world of video games.” Admittedly, there is no question of a sequel at this point. Instead, the citation casts modifications in the form of Books, comics, series and movies In the spotlight possible.

This is also indicated by the statement made by Yasuo Miakawa, CEO and President of Bandai Namco: “A lot of work went into creating Elden Ring so that we can exceed the expectations of our fans around the world. In this regard, we will continue our efforts to expand the brand beyond the game and into everyone’s everyday life.”

Miakawa doesn’t talk about video games, but he does talk openly about entertainment: “We will continue to create delight and fulfillment through entertainment so that we can get closer and connect with our fans around the world.” So it looks like one already has some big plans for that Brand Elden Ring to have.

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In an interview with Japanese video game magazine Famitsu (translation front line) from software chief Hidetaka Miyazaki also talking about future From developer studio. While he wasn’t sure what the future would hold, when asked if Elden Ring would affect the studio’s future development, he said yes.

The fact that From Software and Bandai Namco are already working on the next project, or at least planning for it, should be apparent even without an official announcement. Given George R.R. Martin’s busy schedule, one could, of course, turn to another writer for a sequel to Elden Ring: after all, Bandai Namco had already contacted Mistborn writer Brandon Sanderson about the possibility of collaborating on a new project.

What are the prospects for a sequel offered by the universe of Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s story and characters also provide room for a sequel – whether in the form of a sequel or prequel. For a brief overview of the available options, follow Spoilers for the Elden Ring storyso don’t read further if you haven’t finished the game yet!

The Elden Ring story has a number of endings that depend on your actions and decisions. In many of them, the main character, that is, the tainted character, sits on the throne at the end and rules over the intermediate earth. The situation in which this falls depends on the end in question.

The end of the “Elden Lord” and its variants “Age of Order”, “Blessing of Despair” and “Age of Dawn” all have different effects on the inter-lands, despite the tainted rule. The situation is different with the other two endings called “Age of the Stars” and “Master of the Raging Flame”.

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previous crash Rani The status quo of the Elden Ring realm, grants free will to all sentient beings and frees them from the rule of the Elden Tree and the Golden Order, but not without chaos. All of the above endings can serve as a starting point for a sequel: the world of Elden Ring has changed and you play as a new, uninvolved taint who has to find his way and possibly defeat the current taint (ie the protagonist Elden Ring).

More chaotic, but also easier to follow the story, will be the end of “Lord of the Raging Flame”, where instead of Melina you light a fire on top of Mount Giants and then reduce a large part of the middle, lands on rubble and then move on. Melina I swear revenge and start chasing you.


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