Bundesliga: The Salzburg Rapid won thanks to Zunozovic

Bundesliga: The Salzburg Rapid won thanks to Zunozovic

Salzburg, who were clearly better in the first half, took the lead through a long-range shot (17 ‘) but failed to increase before the break. In the second half, Ferdinand Truff (52nd) equalized in front of 15,217 spectators as the Vienna players opened the game to the final. However, in the 85th minute, Zunozovic scored in extra time (94 ‘).

After the third round of the championship team, coach Matthias Jaislin’s team is twelve points ahead of Sturm Cross. Rapid are still in fourth place, but the gap to the second place they deserve to start the Champions League qualifiers has already increased by five points. It was Hütteldorfer’s first defeat abroad under coach Ferdinand Feldofer and their first defeat in five games. As with previous season duels with Salzburg (0: 2, 1: 2), the late decision was bitter for Vienna. Salzburg have not lost in 9 games.

Slatko Zunozovic (Salzburg) scored a goal against Rapid

What / Krugphoto

Zunozovic of all personalities: The senior must leave the club in the summer, and he has now won against the Rapid team.

Salzburg avalanche of opportunities

Injured Brendan Aaronson was not in Salzburg, while Kareem Adami was initially only on the bench. Compared to the Vienna Derby, Rapid relied on three defensive midfielders, with Sturgeon Crawfok replacing the recently ill Youssef Demir who was not on the squad. The second change was defensive, with Thorston Schick replacing the injured Philip Stojkovic. Vienna acted aggressively before the break, but faced an avalanche of opportunities.

Suzuki (6th) and Jr. Adam (13th) pointed out their danger early on. Four minutes later, after an action started by goalie Philippe Cone, Suzuki was not bothered and his left-footed shot from just 20 meters landed in the far right corner. After that, Nicholas Headley excelled in the shots of Nova Okafor (22nd) and Adamu (34th). Okafor missed the best chances on the outside of his legs (33 ‘) and Nicolas Cabaldo (45’ + 2).

Druijf equalizes out of nowhere

After the restart, the film continued for the time being, this time with Nicholas Sewald (48th) failing to score the second goal. It soon paid off. Rapid returned to the game with nowhere to go.

Oumar Solet could not clear enough of a Moormann cross alone, then Bernhard Zimmerman and Cristob Knasmüllner, who were substitutes during the break, were not hit enough and Druijf finished the goal with confidence in the penalty area. Although the Salzburg set the tone, suddenly the game was very open. Cabaldo White (56 ‘), on the other hand, deflected a corner shot (63’) after a good counterattack.

Ferdie Droef (Rapid) scored a goal against Salzburg

GEPA / Mathias Mandl

In the penalty area, Ferdie Drove equalized after beating goalie Philip Cone.

Cabaldo, who is always attacking in the most dangerous manner, was unable to convert two chances in the space of one minute (74th). Rapid relied on the five-man chain in the finish, which did its job well until injury time. However, in the end a mistake robbed the guests of their hard work. In the fight with Rasmus Christensen the two raptors did not pick up the ball and Zunozovic slipped the ball over the line from close range. Paradoxically, that actor who is no longer needed next season has become a hero.

Knasmüllner almost equalized, but shot over it (97th). This is the tenth time that Salzburg has won the last eleven live duels. With this, Jaisley extended his league opening record with his 20th win in 25 games. 20 wins in 25 games is the best in the overall league era with three points. Rapid continues at home in Glagenford against WAC, Salzburg.

Admiral Bundesliga, 25th Round


Salzburg – Rapid 2: 1 (1: 0)

Walls-Seasonheim, Red Bull Arena, 15,217 spectators, SR Harkam

Target order:
1: 0 Suzuki (17.)
1: 1 grapes (52.)
2: 1 Zunozovic (94.)

Salzburg: Cohn – Christensen, Solet, Wober, Ulmer – Cabaldo, Camara (76./Georgard), Suzuki (85./Junozovic), n. Seawald – Adamu (62./Cesco), Okafor (62./Adayemi)

Quick: N. Headl – Shik, Ayu, k. Wimmer, Moorman – Grahowack, r. Lubicic – Petrovich (46th / Knosmulner), Druizf, Krul – Zimmerman (69th / Pastor)

Yellow cards: Camara, Cabaldo, Cesco, Christensen, Ademi and K.S. Wimmer, Krul

Best: Camara, Cabaldo, Okafor and N. Headell, Moorman, Druyf


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