Eating a hot dog could lose 36 minutes of life expectancy

Red meat, bread, fruits… How do the foods we eat affect our life expectancy? This is the question that a team of researchers from the University of Michigan in the United States worked on, including To be published in the journal Nature Food. The least that can be said is that their finding is trembling down the spine.

Thus, scientists analyzed 5,853 foods from the classic American diet, and then measured their direct impact on human health, and more specifically their impact in minutes of healthy life gained or lost. Then they played a little game: rank these foods in order from the most harmful to the most useful.

It’s no surprise that fast food is well represented at the top of this obsessive ranking. The prize for the food that reduces our life expectancy goes to the sausage. According to the calculations of scientists, the latter will be especially harmful due to 61 grams of processed meat, which can lead to a loss of 27 minutes of healthy life. When sodium and fatty acids are taken into account, this number increases to 36 minutes lost, CNN reports.

Taybeh, cheese and cold meats

After this “killer sausage”, We find in the classification charcuterie, which takes over 25 minutes of healthy living, egg sandwich, approximately 11 minutes, and soda, with just over 8 minutes wasted. Moreover, in the list of bad students, we note the presence of red meat, pizza and butter, which will respectively cost 6 and a half minutes, 3 and a half minutes and just under 2 minutes of life.

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The good news from this study is that some foods have the opposite effect — they provide you with healthy minutes. Thus, a serving of vegetables will save you a little over 2 minutes, fruits nearly 12 minutes, and nuts and seeds a slither more than 25 minutes. The best student to say the least is Peanut Butter and Jam Toast, with a 33+ minute saving. Too ahead of baking and 4 small positive seconds on the clock.

Another black point on the board, which certainly interests the French more than the Americans, is the presence in the harmful part of the cheese. Part of the frometon will be detrimental to the tune of 1 minute 25 seconds of life lost. You will take more veggies to make up!


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