Home science Who can now vaccinate without an appointment?

Who can now vaccinate without an appointment?

Who can now vaccinate without an appointment?

This will now be possible, Prime Minister Jean Castix and Minister of Health Olivier Veran announced on Monday evening, during their press conference. To vaccinate her without prior appointment against Covid-19 for new classes of people. Here are the audiences concerned and their conditions Get a vaccination or a booster shot no date, At any vaccination center.

over 65 seconds

French people aged 65 and over He will be able to get a booster dose of the Covid vaccine no date, “whatever the center” which they go toJan Castex announced during this press conference. In order to try to curb the spread of the virus, we must “Preserve and even inflate and strengthen our vaccine shield”Prime Minister called.

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The Prime Minister stressed that “a booster vaccine greatly enhances protection. Anyone over the age of 60 has four times the protection.” After his third dose, he said.

People who have never been vaccinated

The People who have never been vaccinated They will also be able to introduce themselves “At any center without an appointment”, Health Minister Olivier Veran said.

Health Minister’s Office Confirm this information to me launch This Tuesday. The procedure takes effectFrom this Tuesday, ‘maybe not at all positions today but everyone will put it in place. Instructions will be given and centers regulating themselves by their means, in coordination with regional health agencies, ” Ministry indicated Daily.

Eight million slots in vaccination centers

If you do not meet these criteria, do not panic: eight million places will be opened in the coming days in vaccination centers, Gabriel Attal, a government spokesman at France Inter, indicated on Tuesday morning. “At this point, there are 7 million French who have scheduled the recall by the end of December. We will add 8 million boxes, which means that 15 million French people will be able to be vaccinated by the end of December. December,” pointed out. “Ports will continue to increase on platforms”, confirmed.


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