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eHas prolonged use affected the performance of your PC or laptop to the point that Windows could no longer keep up with mouse clicks? Actions happen at a snail’s pace, are programs delayed? Then you must clean and optimize your computer. The Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 It is a possible solution for this: the manufacturer offers the system kit as a full version, and we offer the download. Below you will find information on how to use the software suite, also known as AWO 2021, to make your computer faster and reclaim used storage space.

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What does Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 do?

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 is divided into three parts: An “Overview” start page that checks for potential optimization with one click. One click on Analyze is sufficient and the system group checks the “Browser Traces”, “Broken Links”, “Unnecessary Active Services”, “Unnecessary Startup Entries”, “Optimized System Settings” and “Enhanced Security Settings” . The scan takes a few seconds to a few minutes.

Ultimately you’ll see how many extra items the program found – including an indication of how much storage space you’ll save by deleting content. Clicking Optimize will free up disk space on the HDD / SSD and change the selected settings. If you want to know exactly what you are tuning in the context of one-click optimization, click on the individual boxes before pressing the “Optimize” button; Then Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 tells you what it wants to do. For example, you can clean Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer automatically. One of the changeable security settings is to deactivate administrative drive shares. AWO 2021 creates an “AutoShareWks” DWORD value entry with the value 0 in the registry area HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, services, LanmanServer, Parameters. Repeat the scan process after removing the obsolete computer data, if the message “Computer is running at full capacity | optimization not necessary” appears.

If desired, what could be improved is checked automatically after invoking the program: at the bottom of the overview page, move the toggle switch to activate it. It is good to look at the speedometer icon on the top right of AWO 2021: there you can see your operating system, the amount of installed RAM, the name of the processor and the graphics processor. The speedometer and the percentage display depend on how much your CPU is currently using.

Free Full Version: Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 Restores Computer Resources Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 provides many optimization tools from one source.  © Build Computer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 provides several optimization tools from one source.

In addition to the “Overview” area, the categories “All Units” and “Backups” belong to the tri-category. If you switch to module view, 25 utilities will be revealed to you. It is divided into “Performance Boost” (seven tools), “Windows Tuning” (four tools), “System Analysis” (five assistants), “File Tools” (four programs), and “Administration” (five units). . Tool call links use meaningful names, so you can be sure that Service Manager leads you to the Service Manager. This allows you to change your startup type System services and breathe mostly small performance gains in Windows. You can achieve greater speed increases with Autostart Manager, provided that many programs that can be deactivated are entered into Windows Autostart, which puts a burden on the CPU and RAM; You can access the associated tuner module via “Optimize start-up”. Other functions include Internet connection optimization (using MTU, RWIN, TTL QoS and Nagle parameters), terminating and uninstalling program (processes), file shredding, and recovery tool for deleted files. Turn the toggle switch in the “All Modules” toolkit in the upper right, and activate the display of program name: now utilities have distinguished names such as StartUp Tuner, Service Manager, AntiSpy, Win10 Privacy Control, Benchmark Center or Disk Doctor.

Install and activate the program

If you are interested in Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021, start the installation by double-clicking the installer file. Confirm the Windows User Account Control warning message with “Yes”. In the setup wizard, select “Accept and Next> Next” and wait for the program files to be completely unzipped. Then close the wizard with the “Finish” button. AWO 2021 starts automatically, but switches to “About to expire!” Before: Free registration is required in this window. Enter your email address and confirm. You will then be required to enter a password. If you already have an Ashampoo account because you registered with the manufacturer to use their software in the past, enter your term now. If you do not have an account with the provider yet, set the required password in the program’s dialog and click the confirmation link in an email that Ashampoo will send you. After a short time, the program is ready to go.

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