Donald Trump: The base of the shower head of the former US President will be reversed

In the United States of America It becomes law from the time of the President of the United States Donald Trump Reversing it re-regulated the flow of water from the shower heads. Trump had complained during his tenure about not getting wet enough because of the showerhead’s limit. The limitation was introduced once to save water.

The Department of Energy is now back in 2013, where federal law since 1992 has mandated that new showerheads must emit no more than 9.5 liters per minute. However, changing the base will not have any practical effects, since almost all commercially available shower heads are still compliant with the rules of the time.

The regulation that went into effect in December through the Trump administration Allows 9.5 liters per minute per nozzleNot every shower head. With modern shower heads with multiple nozzles, it was possible to get a much larger amount of water. Consumer and environmental groups have criticized the rule change as absurd, unnecessary and wasteful.

Going back to the old regulations should bring savings

Going back to the old regulations, the Department of Energy expects to save about $38 per household per year. The rule change is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register next week.

Trump had hoped for the benefits of washing hair by suspending the limit. He had repeatedly complained in the past that the water was running too slowly. “So, what are you doing?” Trump said in a speech. “I don’t know what my hair looks like on you, but my hair must be perfect.”

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