Home Top News Thomas Godzalk: This is the first Christmas with his family

Thomas Godzalk: This is the first Christmas with his family

Thomas Godzalk: This is the first Christmas with his family

Thomas Godzack
This is his first Christmas with a mixed family

Karina Mrose and Thomas Godzack

Karina Mrose and Thomas Godzack

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Thomas Godzack and partner Karina Mrose look forward to a very special Christmas this year. They are spending the holidays together as a mixed family for the first time. The housewife personally takes care of the body.

The first Christmas, including their attachments, is now a mixed family after the couple returned from their vacation on the third weekend of Advent. Thomas Godzack, 71, and his girlfriend Karina Mrose, 59, are celebrating this year’s holiday with Kotzzak’s son Roman, 39, his wife Melissa, 34, and their son Sebastian, 2. Melinda, Karina’s 26-year-old daughter. He also said that he was part of the party.

Thomas Kotzzak and Karina Mrose rely on German traditions

The family relies on German traditions and comfort. According to the “Built” report, Carina Mrose will be playing the wooden spoon herself on Christmas Eve. The champagne starts at 4pm, after which the 59-year-old serves duck with beef broth, zucchini carpaccio and dumplings and red cabbage. Vanilla chocolate mousse is available for dessert.

Fondue on Christmas Day

The entertainer’s grandson is, of course, looking forward to receiving gifts after dinner. “Especially little Sebastian can’t wait,” Karina reveals. On Christmas day his family came and said, “We’re going out to eat cheese and meat fondue”.

Thomas and Thea Godzack

The referee is about to celebrate a thought-provoking celebration with his loved ones. He has been in a relationship with Kareena Mrose since 2019. Last year, after 43 years, he divorced his wife Thea (75).

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