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WAC 3: 0: Inefficient and unstable WAC clearly loses in Vienna «

WAC started strong, but it ended after 53 minutes. Three pack of taxi fountains (22nd, 52nd, 53rd). Wolves have often pushed themselves more than halfway.

Of Philip Edlinger | 6:51 pm, August 8, 2021


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WAC Vienna was not impressed with the Hotteldorf background and was initially immediately present at the meeting. Five minutes later the door bell almost rang. A However, Thorston Rocher could only go to Michael Lindell’s penalty area, not in the case of Richard Strepinger. Further processing. After a few seconds, the quick keeper had to go to someone Tedic graduation sinks deep into the narrow cornerTo prevent WAC leadership. In the ninth minute they suddenly joined Toy Barrybo and Matthews Deferner Delighted through the quick penalty area. Maxie Hoffman Daferner stopped with a dangerous but perfectly executed tackle at the last second. Ten minutes later, the unimaginable hosts received their fans’ first whistle concert. Amidst the bright whistles, Barribo threw the ball an inch past the gate in front of the West Grandstand.

After a quarter of an hour, Rapid decided to take part in the game, which immediately paid off. Kelvin Arase danced through the WAC defense and scored 16 minutes later. The video was approved by referee Alexander HerkhamEveryone at WAC had already seen it – i.e. Michael Lindell’s previous mistake written by Maxi Ullman – and hit the “A” scoreboard again. Intensity can only be achieved through the “Black West” with stadium whistles and running. Five minutes later the Viennese cheered. Manuel Gutt was able to stop Ulman twice, the second fix used by Taxi Foundas But then the home side made it 1-0. This prevented the WAC from exploding earlier, which could certainly have gone into the gap with a draw. But even a header from Baribow to Lindell Corner fell on the pole, not on the goal.

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After the break, the wolves showed that they could never unite the incompetent and the inferior. Then WAC security collapsed. The fast Greek in the fastest dress liked it and thanked him with two wins in 40 seconds And in the direction of Kutt came out after his hat-trick with a smile on his face. This toxic mix of mistakes in the Wolfsburg game cannot be compensated for in the last 30 minutes. Conversely: In the end, the Wolves served well with the three goals they agreed on Luckily one or the other kid’s mistake no longer has any consequences.

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