VFL Wolfsburg footballers are DFP Cup winners. In the final in Cologne, the Wolves beat Indrach 1-0 (0-0, 0-0, 0-0) in extra time against Frankfurt. Striker Eva Bazor scored the decisive goal in the 118th minute. Earlier, goalkeeper Almut Schultz was shot on the field with a red after running to his opponent in front of his penalty area (96th). This is Wolfsburg’s eighth title, the seventh in a row.

This was vehemently opposed by outsiders from Frankfurt, but the technical superiority of the VFL was evident, so initially only Wolfsburg had chances through the bazaar to miss its deflected shot (9th), or Fridolina Rolpe (13th). The VFL pressed until the break, but Oberdorf only attacked this post (42nd).

Just before the end of regular time, Frankfurt goalkeeper Merle Frohams made a low attempt against the Rolf position. When Schultz caught Laura Presnicker charging towards her instead of the ball when it was run out, she had to leave the field. Bazor took the title with his low shot.

This is the first final for the Eintracht team, but the previous Club 1. FFC Frankfurt is the record holder with nine more trophy wins. The clubs merged last year, which would have been the first title under a new name.

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