When Christian Thunder’s name appeared on the team’s nomination for the European Championship, many fans had to watch it twice.

With the full support of SC Freiberg, E.M. The recommendation for was quite amazing. “I can not put this into words, it’s a great pleasure,” the thug said in SC’s video clip. He will “never forget” the moment he received the good news from national coach Joachim Lowe. (Click here for schedule for the 2021 European Football Championship)

Of course in Germany there will be some fans who have never seen a thug before. However, people in Prisca and the Ebony Forest have known him for a long time.

The thug was loyal to his homeland

The 28-year-old grew up almost 65 kilometers from Freiburg, where he has found his football home since 2006 – never leaving.

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In 2014, coach Christian Streich made the thug a regular at SC – the same year Defender played his first and ever international match at DFP-Elf. In the friendly against Poland, the thug was allowed to play for eight minutes.

He has now been captain of Freiburg for two years. Externally, the thug makes an appearance on the ground and progresses ambitiously on the pitch as an important pillar. This ambition now seems to be being paid for with appointment.

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The thug is characterized by “incredibly high interest”

“He scored a terrific goal last week (Editor’s note against FC Bayer) You have to have such a mental monster with you, “he explains SPORT1-Expert Olaf Thorn: “It is gratifying to have a player like this on a World Cup or European Championship squad for the first time at this age. He deserves it, a sign that you should never give up, always believe in yourself.”

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Marcus Babel is also excited about choosing a national coach. “Congratulations to Jogie Lowe for thinking about him and taking him with him,” said the 1996 European Champion. SPORT1. The left-back is a “above-average Bundesliga player with an experienced personality in Freiburg,” analyzed Babel, who trained at the Bundesliga in Hobenheim, Hertha and Stuttgart: “

It is a matter of heart to the professional that Gunder brings this interest on SC Freiberg to the field. In the past, the left-footer has decided against switching clubs – despite the many concessions he has made in recent years. Black Forest native appreciates the community in SC and the closeness to family and friends in his home region.

The thug’s wife was diagnosed with cancer

There is a very emotional story to tell about his wife Katherine. In 2015, he was diagnosed with lymphoma – when he was 21 years old. After intensive treatment, she was able to recover from it a year later.

Christian Gunder was not with Katherine at the time. In solidarity with his partner who was diagnosed with cancer, he also shaved his hair.

Fortunately, the thug’s wife is completely healthy again today. They have a young daughter and the couple got married in 2019.

The thug has proved enough that he is an athlete and man on and off the field.

The famous Freiburg man could also play a key role in the German team during the European Championships.


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