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The head of ProSieben and Sat.1 wants to stand up to Netflix

The head of ProSieben and Sat.1 wants to stand up to Netflix

Channel Manager at ProSieben and Sat.1 Daniel Rosemann © ProSieben / Martin Saumweber
© ProSieben / Martin Saumweber

Daniel Rosemann, president of ProSieben and Sat 1, wants to confront Germany’s global broadcasting giants with shows and journalism.

Rosmann said Thursday at the digital and media conference that Rosman believes that local shows and shows dedicated to German-speaking countries as well as the press are “a very distinct distinctive feature of live broadcasters.” Republic. “Netflix and Amazon will never be able to offer this in the quality category that regional players can do.”

ProSieben as well as RTL are currently pushing their news areas into the program. For example, Annalena Baerbock gave her first TV interview after nominating Green Chancellor candidate on private broadcasting station ProSieben.

RTL News chief, Stephane Schmitter, confirmed in re: publica that RTL was building on an already existing news image. “We are not starting from scratch.” For example, the station wants to run a news program with former Tageshaw boss Jan Hoover – the details are still unclear. With something surprising, Schmitter emphasized that they wanted to put in place new press anchors. We don’t need to duplicate or copy what other people are actually doing. We think we can find another approach. “

WDR Director of Information, Fantasy and Entertainment, Jörg Schönenborn, said of the contest’s news plans that he would be delighted as a citizen, journalist, and user “when we have a more professional journalism.” Competition is good for business. The media offensive in the ARD region has been going on for years. In the past few months, many target groups consuming non-linear programs, i.e. continuous programs, have also been won.

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Text: dpa / editor: JN

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