Tesla's construction site in Grünheide.

Tesla’s construction site in Grünheide.


  • During a major manhunt at the Tesla construction site in Grunheide, the government’s environment agency found systems that the US automaker had not reported.
  • These are systems for power generation, compressed air generation and gas supply outside and inside the building.
  • A spokesperson for the Brandenburg Department of the Environment told Business Insider that the construction and operation of the systems has not yet been explicitly covered by the 15th Early Start approval.

During a major manhunt by the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency (LfU) and the Occupational Safety Administration at Tesla’s construction site in Grunheide, supervisory authorities found systems that the US automaker had not reported. They are machines for generating electricity, generating compressed air and supplying gas outside and inside a building.

“However, the construction and operation of the plants has not yet been explicitly covered by the 15th early start approval,” a spokesperson for the Brandenburg environment ministry told Business Insider. The spokesperson added that LfU examined the systems for emissions control requirements and ultimately decided that Tesla was also allowed to run them as part of approved functionality tests. Apparently, Tesla does not have to fear any consequences or even penalties. The temporarily installed systems will be used to ensure trial operation at the plant — once tests are complete, the systems will be dismantled, an Environment Department spokesperson told Business Insider.

Only in early July, after suspected illegal construction by the Green League and the Union for the Conservation of Nature, the State Environment Agency discovered that Tesla had built several tanks for different liquids, although no permit was available. Ecologists have hypothesized the existence of a cryogenic tank for the chemical tetrafluoropropene. He started making a fine. Tesla has not commented on this yet.

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