Dresden. Dynamo Dresden had a creamy day at the start of the season at the 2nd Bundesliga. On Saturday afternoon, black and yellow FC Ingolstadt won the promotion fight 3-0 (1-0). In front of 7,102 spectators at Rudolph Harpic Stadium, the hosts were the best team from the start. Christoph Daferner, who had the highest score with twelve goals the previous season, scored twice (41st / 56th), while Haynes Marshall finished final (67th).


Borello and Kate in the starting lineup

Head coach Alexander Schmidt turned his starting eleven into two stages: Brandon Borello and Julius Gate, who only returned from “Iron” a few days ago when the Saxons began, compared to a week’s costume rehearsal that clearly saw Dynamo lose 3-0 at Union Berlin. For this, Paul Will and Haynes Marshall had to go to the bench. Along with Michael Solfour, Morris Schrட்டர்ter and Luca Herman, three newcomers were allowed to run from the start.

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S.G. Tailor opener for Dynamo Dresden: In the fight between the promoted players, Elbestotter clearly won 3-0.


After a minute of silence for the flood victims, the ball finally rolled – the dynamo worked well from the start. Guests from Ingolstadt were brought forward slightly, on the other hand, the home page set up some warning signs. Eight minutes later Daferner’s shot went over the box from 25 meters, and a low shot from Ransford-Yebova Konikstarfer was scratched off the line by goalkeeper Fabian Puntik (18th).

Then knocks on the quiet pole at four

This time SGD had a back four organized by defensive vice-captain Tim Nipping, which did not burn anything behind – and as the Scanners made quick ball losses, their captain Stephen Kutchke was mostly in the air in his 100th second division game. In addition to the nipping, the central defender Solbavur also did a good job. Both Chris Lowe and Morris Schrட்டர்ter both full backs were able to hit multiple accents in addition to their defensive duties, followed by Koenigstarfer and Daferner.

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The Upper Bavarians got their first good chance in the 28th minute, but Eckert Ainza looked to the left of the goal. A minute later, Schrter’s header was not in the middle of the defense, but Philip Bilpija fired clearly towards the goal. Goalkeeper Kevin Browl had a quiet first half overall. His opponent Puntik had a lot more to do. He was lucky in the 35th minute when Brandon Borello hit the right post after a Kate pass from the left corner of the box. Missing a few centimeters, Puntik would not know. After one of several good Schroeder crosses, the nipping came to the head, the ball fell dangerously and Puntik moved it towards the goal (37th). In the next corner, the ball came back to nipping after more than three stops, but this time it didn’t hit right, and Puntik was the winner (38th) – still.

Then with the important starting goal

Because the time has come with the next attack: Morris Schrter put a decent pace on his right wing. When he made an accurate cross in the six-yard box, Puntik was caught in that line, Christophe Dufferner won against Maximilian Newberger at center and passed the ball keeper, 1-0 (41st) loop. The starting goal is well deserved.

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(1) Kevin Browl: As expected this season, Dynamos No. 1. With an extraordinary working day in the first round, FC Ingolstadt did not last long. Always when needed, but can rarely be better understood. When Eckert-Aynza finished in the 60th minute without any problems. In the 79th minute he is also safe when he easily stops a cross from the guests. He continues his strong series from last season and is clean under Alexander Schmidt in all point games. Quality: 2


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Dynamo came out of the break with a staff change: Vlachodimos replaced Konikstarber in the attack (46th). Guest coach Roberto Potsold’s team got off to a great start in the second round. The FCI came to an almost quick equation. Kutchke won the title fight against the loser, but was on top (50th). In direct response, Vlaschodimos appeared in front of the goal for the first time. His deflected cross was burned in the FCI penalty area, but Puntik fought back (51.). The German-Greek was very good in the game and after a while it turned into a starting point of 2-0: after a step-over, he pulled from a right angle from the right and landed in front of Dufferner’s feet with a foot guard. Also he was not asked twice and threw the ball into the net with full tension (56th).

3-0 – Marshall puts the lid on

Now the game is over for the Dynamos. Brandon Borello and Luca Herman finished work shortly after the strong introduction. Heinz Marshall and Philip Hosiner entered the field (57th). Hosiner got there immediately and scored almost the third goal. He took a Vlaschodimos cross straight and put the ball in the left post (61.). Not much was found there, and the Dresdeners stayed on the trigger.

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Julius Gate (SG Dynamo Dresden): “It could not have gone better, I’m so happy to be back here. That’s my passion. It’s so much fun working. The first game we’ve won today is always so important. I’m looking forward to the season. I knew the instructions from last year. The coach set me up and the whole team well. We’re glad it did. The ball flew towards the goal and the fans cheered, it was an incredible feeling. The fans allowed here created a great atmosphere. ”


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Then the black and yellow met 3-0. Marshall, who was the alternative, went it alone in the center and called him 21-year-old federal defender Thomas Keller, who looked very old. The finish placed by Marshall on the left landed in the right corner (67th) – and broke all the dams on the Grandstands, which were filled with 7,000 spectators. Now the result was clear and underscored the strong performance of the hosts.Ingolstad is yet to be seen. Dresdeners play without allowing Kutchke and Coway to build. In the final quarter of an hour of the long-determined game, Schmidt brought in Paul Julius Kate (73rd) and Pascal Sohm Dufferner (77th).

Only in the end did SGT take it easy. A 4-0 win over Ingolstadt at the end of February 2021 would have happened again, if he had been still in the third division at the time. But even so, Dresdeners can still be very satisfied with their performance – the successful second division season debut. However, next weekend, the first hard work on the hamburger SV will be on the agenda.


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