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Hansa Rostock is in the 16th round of the DFB Cup. The North Germans won 4-2 on penalties in a clash between two second division football teams in John Regensburg on Wednesday evening.

By Johannes Friedac

Pascal Fryer was the famous hero of the McLenbergs. The striker converted a penalty shoot-out 3: 3 in the 120th minute. He then went on to become the fourth sniper to win. Hansa goalkeeper Marcus Golke saved a previous penalty and took advantage of a shot from the post. During regular play, Rostock took a 2-0 lead 70 minutes later with goals from Julian Riedel and Streli Mamba, and only conceded 2-2 in the 90th minute.

Riedel meets in front, Hansa stands behind the bulwark

Hansa coach Jens Hartell changed his starting line-up with six new players at FC Saint Bali 0: 4. Two of the newcomers gave Rostock the opening goal a few minutes later: Mamba stretched a corner on a nearby post, Riedel was in the middle and made it 1-0 (9th).

A perfect start for the North Germans, who then ambushed in deep defense and counter-attack. Regensburg have long seen no way against the guests’ compact defense, and were challenged for the first time in the 20th minute when Hansa keeper Kolke brilliantly barred a shot from Saralambos Macridis. But in the first round Golke could do nothing else because he relied on the attentive ones ahead.

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DFB Cup in Confetti Rain © Image Alliance / Mauricio Camperini / DPA

Here is an overview of the matches for the DFB Cup for the 2020/2021 season. Further

Mamba raises for Hansa

Shortly after the restart, the Hansa keeper came back into the spot, but John-Nicholas Festa only had to intervene as he hit the outside net (48th). In return, Mamba scored 2-0 for the guests. Shortly afterwards, however, the Rostock striker did better: Bentley Baxter Bonn – a newcomer to the Hansa team – sent the ball to Mamba Meyer alone to make it 2-0 (56th).

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Regensburg equalized in the 90th minute.

Hansa played with confidence and made a quick switch after winning the ball – not yet giving up the game. After Sarpreet Singh’s next goal, he won with a hoe (71st) and lost more and more Hartell-Elf overview in the fog of Regensburg. Kolke (75th) failed miserably from close range. Shortly afterwards, John Striker only hit the post (82nd) ​​and Andreas Albers kept the ball slightly wider for the goal (85th). The hosts continued to earn one high-level player after another – and it was Swartz who forced the extra time after hitting the crossbar in the 90th minute.

Rostock's goalkeeper Marcus Golke cheered after saving a penalty.  © IMAGO / Zinc

Audio: Hansa goalkeeper Marcus Golke: “It was crazy today” (2 min)

… Hansa in the 120th minute

Regensburg’s pressure was not great in extra time – but it was enough to take the lead for the first time. Goal did not get a chance against Breitcruz’s incredible header (101st). Four minutes later Swartz forgave the preliminary decision (105th) – it was revenge. With the last act of the straight, Briar no longer met the impossible balance (120th). It went up to the penalty.

Day 2, October 27, 2021, 8:45 p.m.

J. Regensburg


Hansa Rostock



J. Regensburg:
A. Mayor – Salar, Breitcruz, Nasreener (59th Guevara), Vikesser – Kimber (79th Bukalfa), Besuskov – Festa, Singh (79th Faber) – D. Otto (59th Swartz), Macridis (46th Albers)

Hansa Rostock:
Colke – J. Riedel, r. Malone, Rosbach, Risuto (79th Nightard) – Frode, Rhine (75th H. Behrens) – Mamba (75th Munchie), Bonn, Schumacher (65th Mayor) – Verhoek (65th century) Prayer)


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