Home Top News Lake Constance is expected to flood over the weekend – SWR News

Lake Constance is expected to flood over the weekend – SWR News

Lake Constance is expected to flood over the weekend – SWR News

The water level around Constance Lake is being closely monitored as more water is likely to arrive over the weekend. There was no problem with the water level at this time.

The level of Constance Lake in Constance is currently 4.57 meters. According to the Lake Research Institute in Lancashire (Lake Constance District), this is above average, but not yet a record. The weekend is over The lake level has risen to 4.90 meters. At Constance Lake, people are talking about high water from a height of 4.80 meters measured in Constance, according to the Lake Research Institute.

Richenov Island is preparing for flooding

Richenov Island is preparing for flooding. Social workers discuss the situation several times a day by looking at how the water level rises. However, with the current level at 4.57 meters, you are still relaxed, said head office manager Mario Stripe S.W.R.

The first steps from the level of 4.70 meters

The first action will be taken when the level rises to 4.70 meters on Richeno Island: then the island will be filled with sandbags. From a level of 4.80 meters, the riverbanks are blocked and the jetties in the marina are raised. Stripe says it only becomes important from a level of 5.10 meters. Then the island dam – the only link to the mainland – floods. If the level is to rise to 5.30 meters, the dam will be closed. According to the flood center forecast in Baden-Wர்டrttemberg, the 5 meter mark should not be reached.

The situation is similar to Lake Constance

In Constance Lake District, too, the goal is to see now that one of the ports of Friedrichshafen and Ludwigshafen is on alert, which is said by the port owners. But everything is still in the green area.

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So far, the situation in the camps has eased

The situation also seems to be easing in the camps on Lake Constance. Friedrichshafen-Bishbach is still far from flooded. In Constance County, the Constance Lake hike at the camp sites has not been a problem so far.

For shipping, the situation is not yet complicated

According to Bodenseeschiffsbetriebe (BSB), as they told the SWR, the water level is not currently an issue. All locations are more easily accessible via landing stages with passenger ships. Only in Überlingen and Uhldingen-Mühlhofen (both Constance County) did the staff prepare the sidewalks so that guests did not have to climb too steep. This makes it difficult for wheelchair users. In some situations you can no longer cross the bridge on the ship alone. The ship’s crew will help.

Switzerland has switched to flood operations

This is a bit different with the Swiss shipping company Andersi & Rhine (URH). They have switched to flood action. Because: The old wooden bridge between Diesenhofen in Switzerland and Keilingen in Germany is important here. Passenger ships can no longer go under it. According to a spokesman, the schedule has been changed so that passengers can disembark in front of the bridge at Tysenhofen, walk around the bridge and return to the next ship behind the bridge.

Anger and gunfire will re-emerge

Rivers such as the Arkansas and the Suzanne are flooded again by heavy rains on Wednesday and Thursday. However, according to the Baden-Wர்டrttemberg Flood Forecast Center, it was not as bad as last week.

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According to statistics, the level is 4.80 meters every five years

According to the Langnerken Institute for Lake Research, Lake Constance’s level is 4.60 meters, occurring statistically every two years. The water level is 4.80 meters once every four to five years.

Effects on shore plants

A spokesman for the Lake Research Institute in Langenergan said the weather-tolerant plants are better able to withstand rain. As for the trees, it is mainly willows and black poplars, which can stand for a long time with their roots in the water. Various reed plants such as reed, bullrush and cane grass also like to stand in water.

On the nutrient-poor gravel shores of Lake Constance, you can find so-called beach meadow associations, which can survive even in floods for months. Examples include Potency Forget-Me-Notes, Strandling, Bank Buttercups and Potency Schmeil. Plants that do not adapt to these seasonal water conditions die when submerged.


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