Denmark creates a miracle in the Round of 16 against Russia

crazy. mad. Wonders. pick up something. Denmark qualified for the round of 16 of the European Championship. Russia has lagged behind.

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These Danes are amazing. In the first match against Finland (0:1) the drama about Christian Eriksen, the collapse of the midfielder. After a two-hour break, Denmark had to compete again and lost the opening match of the European Championship. In the second match was the unfortunate defeat against Belgium (1: 2). But anyone who thought the Danes would give up was wrong.

They fought against Russia, gave everything – and won. With a 4-1 victory, Denmark qualified for the round of 16 in the European Championships. Not understood.

The champions of the match are Damsgaard (38), Poulsen (59), Christensen (80) and Mihli (82) with four goals. For Russia, which left the European Championship at the bottom of the group, Juba scored (70).

This is how the game went:

Kasper Damsgaard’s goal (38) caused a parking lot in Copenhagen, where 25,000 fans were allowed, to shake for the first time after a difficult start. After a terrible misunderstanding in the Russian defense, Joseph Poulsen presented the second jubilee (59). The mood was dampened by a controversial penalty kick from Artjom Dzjuba (70th position) which was offset by the news of the Belgian goals and goals by Andreas Christensen (79th) and Joakim Mähle (82nd).

Eriksen wasn’t on the field, but he was everywhere. Once again the huge jersey with a “10” was worn on the grass as in the second group match in Barken against Belgium (1:2). Once again the audience fervently sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in front of the bands entrance. So there were chills again, albeit not as severe as they were a few days ago.

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Russia was in a comfortable position to be able to wait in peace and wait for the counterattack. In fact, there was not much missing and the guests would have taken the lead. Alexander Gullwin started singles play after the Danes lost the ball, but hit one hook too often, putting himself in a much worse position and failing with his shot on goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (17). Such attacks were not uncommon.

Defensively, the Russians were very safe, and the Danes hardly came up with promising combinations in building the game. Coach Kasper Hjolmand reacted after 20 minutes well: he switched from a four-man defense to a three-man defense and pushed Andreas Christensen into midfield to create an outsized player. The best chance was a long-range shot from Pierre-Emile Hojberg (28).

Sharing ideas from Damgaard

Half an hour later, it was clear that Eriksen, who had been watching the match at his home in Odense after being discharged from hospital, was missing his team with his thoughts. Damgaard’s flash of inspiration came at just the right time: Höjbjerg played him, cleverly broke off from his opponent and hit the corner from 17 metres.

The goal, scored from the first shot on goal by Matoy Safonov, was by no means in the air, but he turned everything upside down. Now the Russians had to abandon their wait-and-see attitude and take action themselves. They found it just as difficult as the Danes before – who waited in turn and waited for a counterattack. They resolutely use the vacated spaces and are increasingly led by passionate fans

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Russia 1: 4 Denmark

Torres: Djoba (ranked 70) – Damsgaard (ranked 38), Poulsen (ranked 59), Christensen (ranked 80), Mahle (ranked 82)


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