How do we track the flow of refugees?  - BZ Berlin

It is difficult for security authorities to track people who are currently coming to Germany from Ukraine. The Federal Police moved additional forces from Bloomberg (Brandenburg) to the border to deal with the attack.

by Axel Lear and Birgit Burkner

One thing is for sure: Ukrainians can enter the country without a visa for up to 90 days. This is not a problem, especially with their biometric passports. However, old specimens must also be displayed at the border upon request.

But: “Among the Ukrainians, there are also many Chechens who are now entering Germany quickly and without big expenses,” according to the Brandenburg security services. It is difficult to identify this ethnic group in the stream of displaced people.

People from so-called third countries need valid documents upon entry. Already in Ukraine He was not in possession of papers, he was temporarily detained by the Federal Police during searches. Initiation of criminal proceedings for illegal entry.

Again and again officials there Racism attributed. Jens Chopransky, a spokesman for the Federal Police Headquarters in Berlin, on the BZ: “Our goal is to liquidate the free passengers.”

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According to BZ information, people from Africa, Asia, Iraq and Syria in particular use the Ukrainian escape route. They are increasingly coming across the border on trains and buses Poland to Germany.

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Many of them previously tried to cross the Belarusian border into Poland, but there they failed.


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