Referee: Rot-Weiss-Essen loses to CAS against Borussia Münster

Referee: Rot-Weiss-Essen loses to CAS against Borussia Münster

Rot-Weiss Essen has lost the lead in the regional league at the moment. The canceled match against Prussian Monster was awarded to the guests.

A severe setback for the regional league red and white food. match against Borussia Monster He scored 2-0 for Münster. The Sports Court of the West German Football Association (WDFV) decided on Friday. However, RWE still has the opportunity to appeal the ruling and is likely to do so.

In addition to missing points, there are more severe penalties for Rot Weiss: in the first home match after the referee is final, West curve It is completely banned, and the club also has to pay 15,000 euros Fine Pay – 7500 of them for preventive measures. Esseners also bear the costs of the proceedings. Penalties apply not only to throwing fireworks against Monster, but also to using fireworks in the match against Borussia Monchengladbach II.

The decision also has a direct impact on the struggle for promotion in Western Regional League. Then RWE The ruling now means that the leadership of the table is gone for the time being. With Münster leading 2-0, the Prussians now have 60 points, bypassing Essen (59 points) and taking first place. However, RWE has played two fewer games than Bryusen Monster this season, and thus still has everything in its hands. The third is fortune cologne With 55 counters.

Two players from Brywson Monster were hit by a cannonball

the game between red and white food And the Borussia Monster On February 20, the match was stopped in the 76th minute when the two teams tied 1-1. A roaring firecracker fell off the RWE pads as the Monster variants heated up. two players – Marvin Thiel And the Yannick Burgmann – Had to be medically treated, Thiel was in blast shock. Tim Giddes, a physiotherapist in Münster, was unable to work the next day.

In terms of sports, a game of gripping in front of 10,000 spectators had developed in the 75 minutes prior to that. RWE was through a converted penalty from Thomas Isfield Leading 1-0 before the first half ended. Gerrit Wigkamp They equalized in the 73rd minute. Shortly thereafter, fireworks flew and caused the upsetting end of the first match.

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