The African government considers the UN resolution against Russia wrong

Harare. The UN General Assembly resolution condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine has been criticized by the Zimbabwean government. A statement from the Foreign Ministry in Harare on Thursday said: “Zimbabwe does not believe the resolution passed yesterday was aimed at dialogue – on the contrary, it has added fuel to the fire and further complicated the situation.”

The landlocked African nation, which has declared itself Russia’s “all-weather friendly country,” did not take part in the vote. The reason given was: “The situation in Ukraine is very complex and deeply rooted in the history and geopolitics of the region.”

In New York on Wednesday, the 141 member states of the United Nations voted in favor of the resolution at the emergency session of the General Assembly – condemning and calling on Russia’s attack on Ukraine, more than in previous conflicts of a similar nature. Moscow is ending its occupation. “The international community must work tirelessly to facilitate dialogue to find a lasting solution to the situation,” said Amon Murvira, Zimbabwe’s caretaker foreign minister.

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Of the 35 people who did not vote in the UN General Assembly, 17 were from Africa, including Mali and Sudan, and Zimbabwe’s neighbors Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. South Africa celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations with Russia.


Human Rights Violations: The International Criminal Court begins trial in Ukraine

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Berbakh has accused Russia of serious human rights abuses and called for an investigation into what happened in Ukraine. © Reuters

Many members of the government of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) have felt close ties to Moscow since the days of the former Soviet Union. He trained in deportation several members of the then-banned ANC. In addition, Russia has sought to expand its political and economic involvement in Africa in recent years.


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