The company now wants to support cross-play

Sony is known to have a negative attitude towards cross-play. For example, they asked Epic Games to pay a fee to enable cross-play of Fortnite, according to a document from the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple. The company has changed its mind now, like SIE CEO Jim Ryan in one Interview with Axios announced. Sony wants to “support and encourage cross-play” in the future. Despite their previous stance that cross-play “doesn’t help the PlayStation brand” and that their consoles are the best place to play video games anyway, the number of titles that support cross-play with other platforms is set to increase.

This is in stark contrast to what was reported about three weeks ago when Gearbox announced that it had to disable cross-play for PlayStation consoles. If Ryan’s statement is correct, the new direction that Sony wants to take with cross-play has only been defined in the past three weeks. Perhaps we’ll see new results later this year when more titles support cross-play with PlayStation consoles as well.

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