Home science COVID-19. Vaccine fatigue is growing: ‘I’m sick, we can’t see the end of it’

COVID-19. Vaccine fatigue is growing: ‘I’m sick, we can’t see the end of it’

COVID-19.  Vaccine fatigue is growing: ‘I’m sick, we can’t see the end of it’
Many French face a
Many French people suffer from “vaccination fatigue,” Health Minister Olivier Veran admitted. (© Andrzej Wilusz / AdobeStock)

“Reminders for a vaccine are normal, but it generally happens after a few years. But when we hear on the news that there’s going to be a fourth, and a fifth, and another sixth, there, This is no longer possible. Axel, 26, does not hide his annoyance. “You can’t inject anything like that every three months, she’s tired‘, still whispering Actuary.

After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions, viral mutations and vaccine campaign, it has become phenomenon who grows and grows. As stated by the Minister of Health himself.

Radio guest RTL On Sunday, February 20, 2022, Health Minister Olivier Veran acknowledged the presence of a ‘vaccine stress’ in part of the population. Understand, the French who have received one, two or three injections of the vaccine against the Covid virus, and who feel that they Not seeing the end of the tunnel.

No fourth dose… yet

At the origin of this “vaccine stress” mentioned by the minister, is a question related to the implementation of a generalized fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, such as Sweden recently for more than 80 years, or Germany for more than 70 years.

So far, in France, Only immunocompromised persons are eligible for IV injection, “Because their immune system is not able to respond properly,” Olivier Veran recalls. But for the rest of the population, this path is not an issue…for now.

The minister explained that “the scientific authorities considered that the fourth dose is not necessary today, given that the vaccines were initially less suitable for variants of the Omicron type.” This is why laboratories develop vaccines in parallel [spécifiques] to the variables.

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We vaccinate people when absolutely necessary.

Olivier FerrandMinister of Health

“Today, I’m tired”

Like Axel, the prospect of getting a second booster potion is a far cry from Faustine’s charm. “At first, I was a semi-believer in vaccination, but I said to myself that if it could bring us back to a semblance of normalcy, why not. corn Today, I’m tired, there’s no end in sight«, Entrust this young master who has been vaccinated three times Actuary.

Between the “worrisome” climate of the past two years, the arrival of a vaccine “suddenly, as if it were coming out of Jupiter’s thigh”, but also the rules that seem to be changing “all the time”, Faustina’s suspicions have now given her way into Extreme mental fatigue, even “very psychological”.

I try not to focus too much on it and focus on my work, my family, my friends and my personal life. But for two years we’ve been taking Covid, breathing Covid, living Covid morning, noon and night. And from one channel to another, from one media to another, we are overwhelmed by a lot of contradictory information.



“Finally since the first dose,” Manon explains. “I could have given the choice, and I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be vaccinated. But with this vaccination pass date, it’s not really a choice to go on with life,” the young woman continues.

My vaccine fatigue comes from feeling that this vaccine is not working and that we don’t know what to give it. Then this lottery about the number of doses and the waiting time between two doses… It’s okay for us to make mistakes and who live day in and day out with a disease we don’t know, the rules change a lot!


Despite her full vaccination schedule, Manon’s doubts about the future remain. “I agreed to put my hesitation aside, trust the health authorities and get vaccinated. But three doses in 10 months, and we’re talking about other doses, variants, different vaccines…,” she breathes, annoyed.

I didn’t pay close attention on a daily basis for two years – especially since I don’t live alone – and restricted my movements and had three injections until one day someone would tell me “You don’t have 10 doses at the time you’re deprived of a restaurant or cinema”. Because I would have a real sense of waste, as if I had done all this for nothing.


A reminder to vaccinate 38.5 million French

By wanting to vaccinate too much, do we eventually risk discouraging the population? The European Medicines Agency (EMA) had already sounded the alarm in mid-January. ” There is Fatigue risk in populations with continuous administration of boosters,” noted Marco Cavalieri on Jan. 11, head of vaccine strategy at the EMA.

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An opinion shared by Olivier Veran, who admitted during the process that there was “vaccine stress”, In front of the Senate.

I hear the discourse that consists of saying, “I’m sick of vaccinations, I’ve had vaccinations twice, three times, even four times.” I mean vaccine fatigue, vaccine fatigue, vaccine fatigue, whatever term you want to use. For my part, I consider the vaccine an opportunity.

Olivier FerrandMinister of Health

according to Latest data from Public Health FranceAs of February 21, 2022, more than 54 million people had received at least one dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 and 38.5 million booster doses had been received. 19.3% of the French have not yet been vaccinated.

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