Home science Covid-19 in Lot-et-Garonne: the epidemic is spreading

Covid-19 in Lot-et-Garonne: the epidemic is spreading

Covid-19 in Lot-et-Garonne: the epidemic is spreading

Written by Mathilde Kurian

Epidemiological indicators continue to rise, this was revealed on Friday, July 30, by the Director of the Department of the Regional Health Agency

From bright orange, Lot-et-Garonne is now turning dark orange on the Covid-19 pandemic monitoring map with an incidence rate that continues to increase. Surrounded by coastal areas in crimson red, just like Tarn-et-Garonne and Haute-Garonne, the district charges 147.1 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while it was 81.4 per 100,000 inhabitants during the previous week. Among people aged 65 and over, the numbers are also increasing with 26 cases per 100,000 population compared to 15.8 previously.

As of July 29, 9 people with the virus have been hospitalized, including one in intensive care. Fifteen pooled cases were also identified, 10 in a group setting, 3 in a family setting and 2 in nursing homes.

Occupations subject to the health card

The vaccination campaign continues with slots open until August 22. As of July 27, 62.5% of Lot-et-Garonnais had received the first dose while 53.1% had a full vaccination schedule. Target operations will be presented to the markets on August 7 in Villerelle, August 11 in Castelmoron and August 21 in Luzon.

Finally, the slots will be specifically reserved for people whose occupation requires a health permit.

Priority boxes for caregivers subject to compulsory vaccination.
Priority boxes for caregivers subject to compulsory vaccination.

Prefecture Lot-et-Garonne

Vaccination process at the reception center for asylum seekers

63 people received their first injection of the vaccine against Covid-19, Thursday, July 29, at the Reception Center for Asylum Seekers (Cada) in Bon-Encontre. The on-site operation was performed by a mobile team from the Esquirol Saint-Hilaire and Calabet d’Agen clinics, and this audience is often far from the healthcare offering. The Elsan Group explains: “The opening of the first vaccination center within the same institution last spring enabled us to note that a portion of the population, other than the initial recommendations for priority people, did not travel, often due to a lack of appropriate information.” Hence the need to go to those less privileged populations. ”

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