Home entertainment Claudia Norberg: After the breakup – he’s her new friend

Claudia Norberg: After the breakup – he’s her new friend

Claudia Norberg: After the breakup – he’s her new friend

Soon after their split, Claudia Norberg, 50, actually took it again. Now more is known about her mysterious new friend.

Claudia Norberg: Shortly after the breakup, she was taken again

A few days after her affair with Hubertus Freiherr von Falkhausen came to light, Claudia Norberg announced her separation from the millionaire again. “I have a relationship with Mr. Hubertus Freiherr von Falkenhausen It’s over by my side, I recently told RTL.

The two have been a couple for eight months, but in their relationship they should be he was not alone: Valkhausen was not prepared by Claudia long time partner to separate. Apparently, this was also the ultimate reason for the breakup. “It’s better this way. Two women at the same time are not possible, Everyone is not happy, so Falkhausen recently in an interview with “Bunte”. But he also made it clear that Claudia didn’t need long to console herself with the breakup:

I introduced Claudia to a friendWho is also a car dealer, and that’s how fast things are.

right Now more information Claudia’s new boyfriend revealed…

More on Claudia Norberg:

Claudia Norberg: More about the new man by your side

As Bild claims to have discovered, Claudia’s new partner is one Mr. Barron D. The 56-year-old. Like Hubertus Freiherr von Falkhausen, he must too German Americans Kn – but that’s no coincidence: Caudia apparently chose the two men precisely because she was with her boyfriend do not speak English will.

Supposed to be a baron Scrap Dealers and Trump Supporters. While the ex Claudia likes to talk publicly about his relationship with the former Wendler in recent weeks, it seems one can’t expect that from the newcomer.

Unlike Hubertus, Baron pushes himself Not in public And he wants to keep the relationship with Claudia secret,

Claims a neighbor in Florida.

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