First the brake problem, then the knot crunch.

It was a professional television duel: on Saturday evening, two top athletes met in the “Schlag den Star”: the former world champion of the handball club Silvio Heinwetter (36) and the Olympic tennis winner Alexander “Sasha” Zverev (24) had no plans to do any something to offer. Zverev said: “Speak Silvio, and silence is gold. And I can make gold.”

Heinfetter had closely followed the victory of his ex-daughter Sophia Thumala (31) and used her as a role model: “Of course, the motivation is there. I hope I can follow in their footsteps.”

First of all, of course, one or another game had to be played – and Alexander Zverev in particular showed ambition at first. In Mini Table Tennis he was completely focused on winning: “I suppose that’s the game I shouldn’t lose. If I lose in racquet sports, it will be over.” After endless rallies with opponent Heinfetter, he was able to get That point – but soon after that it got tough for the tennis star.

Game 6 was all about “disc climbing”, with the help of absorbent stickers, both candidates had to climb a disc and ring a bell. Silvio Heinevetter was the first – but Zverev did not want to apply the result and demanded video proof: “I must win, otherwise I will go.”

“You touched that thing,” Elton explained, “but you didn’t ring the bell.” But the tennis pro insisted: “Of course it rang. Excuse me please, stop, can we look again?” But that didn’t help – the point went to Silvio Heinvetter.

The “trunk” game became the next problem. The task was actually quite simple: load the stuff in the trunk of the car and then drive it to the destination until all the stuff is moved. Alexander Zverev was ahead – but suddenly he could not start his car.

He kept trying desperately to start the car. Commentator Ron Rengauth (55) was delighted: “What kind of car does he have in Monaco? Is it only automatic or what? Exciting, he can’t drive the gearshift!” Mediator Elton (50) rushed to help and gave the bear to explain:“ Let The clutch is slowly coming on…”

But Zverev didn’t seem to feel like it anymore and gave in: “I forgot the handbrake.” He just went out and stopped the match – thus causing Elton to be disappointed: “He hit the handbrake and stopped the car. You can still do that. You’re given something now, damn it!”

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So Heinevetter won that game too and said, “His problem is that he always plays with the handbrake.”

Bad luck streak continued! Alexander Zverev managed to inflate “Run the Balloon”, but holding the end of the balloon was completely wrong. Ringguth couldn’t see it: “Zverev has the biggest knot problem. He’s never going to get a knot again!” Roll it through and pull it out of here.

At 1:25 a.m. it was said: Good luck in the Silvio Heinfetter match! He was allowed to repatriate the winning case in the amount of 100,000 euros.


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