Clan in NRW: High-ranking member dies! Police fear the mass will rush to the cemetery

Genocide in Germany: Where do clans come from and how many criminals are they?

Genocide in Germany: Where do clans come from and how many criminals are they?

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Leverkusen. A high level Caste-Member of N.R.W. Is dead. The police are now very concerned about the number of guests at the funeral.

On Monday evening, March 29, police cars drove ahead Caste– Presence of Leverkusen-Wistorf commons in N.R.W. Previously, “Express” reports. Considered Caste-The amount affected by Rhona disease.

Clan at NRW: Hundreds of spectators are expected at the funeral

About 80 people gathered in front of the house of the Koman clan. Then the senior member died. He is said to have earned a high reputation in the nationwide family network as a justice for peace.

Funeral services at Leverkusen Cemetery were scheduled for this Wednesday, but it was postponed to Friday. No reason was given for the postponement.

The city of Leverkusen is already preparing for a large-scale operation with the police. Despite the corona security order, it is feared that large crowds will gather.

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Where do clans come from?

  • When people talk about criminal Arab clans, it usually means that they are members of large families with Turkish-Arab roots. The Federal Criminal Police Office (PKA) estimates that about 200,000 people in Germany belong to such large families.
  • Most of them are not criminals. But some have formed mafia-like groups and used family structures for the criminal business
  • They often live in isolated parallel worlds and do not recognize state structures. Criminal offenses are reported as internal problems dealt with within families by so-called justices of the peace
  • Many of them have Turkish (15 percent) or Lebanese (31 percent) citizenship, 36 percent have German citizenship, and five percent are non-state citizens.
  • Expelling serious offenders is correspondingly difficult


NRW security forces consider hundreds of participants to attend the funeral. A maximum of 25 people are currently allowed to attend the funeral.

+++ Clans in NRW: Herbert Reoul faces a problem – “they are changing the way they work” +++

Clan in NRW: Rebellion unit seeks enforcement assistance from police

So the city is acting on a security concept. Public order office staff should check that participants adhere to corona rules. The Cologne police are also involved in the draft.

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The city of Leverkusen sought enforcement assistance from riot police. At a clan funeral in North Rhine-Westphalia, a group of hundreds called for law and order to be established.Express“.

Clans in the NRW: New Challenges for Interior Minister Reul

NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reoul wants to take action against criminal clans with his zero tolerance policy. But after repeated police raids, the clans changed their attitude. Here you will find the challenges facing investigators.



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