Home Top News Completing D4 with M stt format. MEPs allow the first private debtor bond in the Czech Republic

Completing D4 with M stt format. MEPs allow the first private debtor bond in the Czech Republic

Completing D4 with M stt format.  MEPs allow the first private debtor bond in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE The construction of the D4 motorway between PPRM and PS in the form of a PPP project should become a model for transport constructions in the future. This will allow the state to increase investment in transport infrastructure. After the council approved the state’s financial size, Transport Minister Karel Howleck (yes) told the newspaper.

The 32-kilometer route will take several weeks to set up. The Chamber of Deputies has approved a financial commitment of about 30.5 billion crowns to the Divia consortium, which will build and operate the debtor.

PPP was funded by private investors for the construction, which will run for a period of time after the road is completed. It is necessary to complete the construction gradually, after the agreed time, to complete it completely.

Howleck said it is a project that should become a role model and inspiration for all similar constructions because if an alternative format is used to invest in transport infrastructure, it can be invested significantly more than it currently is. He recalled that 55 billion crowns would be awarded this year for loans and roads. According to the Minister, this plug is on the edge of the current capabilities of the plug.

Produced by the French Federation Divia Vinci and Meridium. The tender was won by awarding 16.55 billion crowns, which represents the current nominal value of the project. Price gradually exacerbates external effects such as inflation and the growth of the corona exchange rate. The approved afternoon volumes represent 18.8 billion crowns and 446 million euros, or about 11.7 billion crowns.

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In Czech, this is the first PPP project where the borrower will create a private company and then run it. Construction should begin in a few weeks by the Czech company Eurovia, which is part of the federation. Pesn termn zvis i na poas. The cut is expected to be completed by June 2024, after which the debtor, and a further 16 kilometers, will be driven by the federation. According to Havelock, this will control the quality of the debtor. There are two barriers to potential deficiencies in the contract. After 25 years, the debtor will be fully liable.

However, the project also provoked criticism. For example, Natland Pett Bordeaux, the company’s leading economist, considers the main problem with the project to be its funding, which, according to him, is irrelevant to the state today. Instead of borrowing its name cheaply in the financial market, the offer is necessary to borrow for the required year, but we will all pay the same. In the long quarter of the project’s hundred years, the years have passed. We will do more, but it will not be seen now, he said.


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