Macron and Le Pen are getting closer to each other personally

It will soon be decided whether Le Pen or Macron will rule France in the future; They are close to each other in the polls. Both are now fighting for the vote – and they don’t stop at the insults.

President of France Emmanuel Macron And the right-wing populist Marine Le Pen They approached each other in person at the finish line of the presidential campaign. “Millions of French people are convinced that the government under Emmanuel Macron was terribly authoritarian, that he ruled alone and brutally,” Le Pen told BFM on Friday. For his part, Macron stressed that Le Pen “was not exactly the embodiment of gentleness.”

And while the campaign went somewhat poorly before the first round last Sunday, the two candidates in the run-off have now intensified the competition. Macron and Le Pen conducted a series of interviews, with television and radio obligated to give them equal time to speak. They visit markets, take endless selfies with supporters, and defend their platform at major events.

Dam is against Macron’s second term

In front of 4,000 supporters in Avignon on Thursday night, Le Pen called for a “dam” to be built in Macron’s second term. In doing so, she appropriated a term formerly used in France for broad coalitions of voters against right-wing extremists.

Last week, Macron sought to reach out to residents in the neglected north and in Alsace, where Le Pen and the left-wing populist are. Jean-Luc Melenchon Done well. He also visited a wind turbine factory, referring to environmental voters who lack climate policy concepts in his platform.

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Macron is weaker in opinion polls than in 2017

“Macron wants to make up for what he missed before the first round,” says Céline Braque, president of the Odoxa polling institute. “Above all else, he’s trying to get rid of the image he’s taking for granted.”

The only televised debate between Le Pen and Macron is scheduled for next Wednesday. In their TV debate five years ago, Macron let his rival run. Le Pen should be better prepared this time. According to recent polls, Macron can expect 53 to 56 points in the run-off, much lower than in the previous election, which he won with 66% of the vote.


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