At a press conference on Tuesday, Sackie said the U.S. government did not participate in the World Health Organization’s study, so it wants to evaluate its findings and the data obtained independently. He added that while the United States is returning to the World Health Organization, China “needs to have its own specialists.”

U.S. State Department spokesman Nate Price said the reservation revealed that it was not clear whether China, which had long suspended the work of the World Health Organization, was fully cooperating with the panel of experts. “I don’t think the Chinese at least gave us the transparency we needed,” Price said.

He said the verdict had not yet been dropped and that the United States should be taught its conclusions about the data of the World Health Organization and its secret services. “We will work with partners, but we will also receive information obtained and analyzed by our intelligence community, rather than rushing to conclusions that could provoke objectives other than scientific,” he said.

Only the U.S. Secret Service may have escaped the virus lab last year.

“We worked in a very politically tense environment,” Dassak recalled.

Conspiracy theorists speculate that the possibility of the virus escaping from the laboratory is unlikely, and that it will not be investigated, said WHO team chairman Peter Ben Embreck. However, at the same time, he admitted that the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan was strange and, incidentally, a virological company was located.

Another member of the team, Dutch virologist Marion Coopmans, justified the decision by saying that the company was reasonably protected and that the virus had not been tested for it before the outbreak and therefore could not escape from it.

In contrast, the group accepted the variant that the corona virus can also spread from frozen food, which is often claimed by China, adding that it landed in it with frozen items from abroad.

However, experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) believe that the corona virus has spread from bats to other species and from there to humans. However, according to Van Liennan, a spokesman for the Chinese Health Commission, no animal has yet been found to have the same virus that infects humans.


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