The independent Polish media today canceled their information. The Conservative Party protested the government’s plans to introduce a new advertising tax law and justice, which obscured the content of its website. The tax proposal provides that a portion of advertising revenue is subject to special taxation. The independent media claim it is a threat to its existence, and the European Commission also expressed concern today.

“It came to our notice. If the government’s plans are successful, you should not see him one day. You may also miss the opportunity to use other media and information sources,” he wrote on his homepage. Page Anti-Daily Gazette Viborxa. The same text was published on the front page of the paper edition of the newspaper.

In addition to the public television station DVP, fifty private and regional Polish media or media groups took part in the protest.

The United States supported media reservation. Pix Aliou, the US embassy ‘s Charge de Offices, called free media a cornerstone of democracy on Twitter and promised that the United States would always protect media freedom.

The proposal raises concerns to the European Commission, which has long been dealing with Poland over concerns about violations of European values, including media diversity. “We expect that firm countries will not compromise their duty to ensure that their taxes and other rules are an independent, independent and diverse media system,” Christian spokesman Christian Wigand told reporters today.

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