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Iran released an arrested South Korean ship

Iran released an arrested South Korean ship

Iran It released an oil tanker stuck in the Persian Gulf after three months. This was announced by the government in Seoul. The South Korean Foreign Ministry said that the captain of the chemical and petroleum products ship “Hankook Chimi” was released after three months: “The ship left safely today.”

The captain and the other crew members are all right. The incident briefly led to a diplomatic crisis between the Asian countries, who were, in fact, good friends.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrested the tanker earlier this year on charges of marine pollution. The “Hancock Kemi” was alleged to have carried 7,200 tons of ethanol. According to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the ship was directed to the port of Bandar Abbas, where the judicial authorities have to deal with the alleged violations. The incident reminds us of the arrest of the British oil tanker “Stena Impero” in 2019.

The accident occurred at a time when Iranian bank accounts were frozen South Korea There was tension between the two sides. Accounts have been blocked as a result of US sanctions against Tehran. According to reports from South Korean media, it amounted to about seven billion dollars (about 5.3 billion euros). Iranian media have reported freezing billions of “oil money”.

Therefore, Tehran demanded the release of the accounts. In February, the South Korean Foreign Ministry stated that a decision on releasing the funds could only be taken after consultations with relevant countries, including the United States of America.

At the time the tanker was being repaired, there were 20 crew members on board. The crew was up to the captain It was actually released in February Also. For the maintenance of the ship, the last 13 crew members were on board.

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