Christoph Waltz flees before Christmas and meets Oliver Zipps and a BMW

The BMW Group and Academy Award winners continue their successful collaboration.

BMW Christmas movie with cast: Christoph Waltz escapes before Christmas and meets Oliver Zipps and a BMW iX

  • The BMW Group and Academy Award winners continue their successful collaboration
  • In the clip, Waltz tries to escape from the Christmas group and meets the CEO of the BMW Group
  • Also included with Supercar Blondie and Alexa Chung: Happy Ending with a red BMW “iX”

Munich. I did it again. After Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz assumed a pivotal role in the “#NEXTGen” world premiere of the 2020 design of the BMW “iX”, he is now playing a leading role in the new #BMW Christmas movie. Here he meets two old friends: Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, and a BMW “iX”. This time the two get a boost: In addition to Christoph Waltz and Oliver Zipse, the clip features Alex Hershey, aka Super Car Blondie, star stylist Alexa Chung and Kai Langer, head of BMW i design.

The partnership between Christoph Waltz and the BMW Group began on the initiative of Oliver Zipse. The company collaborates with thought leaders from ecology, social sciences, fashion, sports, music, film, and other cultural disciplines. Objective: To create a deeper understanding of the needs, desires and trends of the future. Zipse invited the representative to an insightful dialogue with designers, technology developers and strategists from the BMW Group. His openness, realism and impatience have given some important impetus to the BMW Group. This cooperation now has to continue.

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The result is a cinematic-quality clip, a game of cat and mouse, integral to a great Christmas movie. Thrilling, exciting, with a subtle sense of irony and comedy. The BMW Christmas movie begins in Munich. Late one afternoon at BMW headquarters, a classic BMW 3.0 CS approaches. The driver gets out, it’s Christoph Waltz.

He is on his way to meet Oliver Zipse and the BMW iX, the new technology pioneer of the BMW Group, which represents the company’s future: all-electric, sustainable, pioneering design and luxurious room comfort. These things are important to Christoph Waltz. The actor deals extensively with the environmental aspects of sustainable driving technology. He values ​​superior quality, technological precision and attention to detail. On the other hand, he doesn’t care much about birthday.

runaway before christmas

There is confusion at the reception. After Waltz records his meeting with Oliver Zipse, he is told that he has been invited to a Christmas party at BMW. An employee wearing a Santa Claus hat should take him there. Waltz freezes. It’s a prelude to a fun escape in which Christoph Waltz only cares about one thing: avoiding everything related to Christmas. The task turned out to be not so easy at all.

Christoph Waltz is hoping to have the support of two distinguished guests

Waltz makes his way through the BMW Welt when he hears noises. Two distinguished guests appear in the Christmas movie: Kai Langer, Head of BMW i Design, and Fashion Designer Alexa Chung. The joy fades quickly, as these two are on their way to the Christmas party at BMW.

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Looking for a way out, the actor meets another familiar face. Alex Hirschi aka Supercar Blondie is standing next to a hidden BMW model. She’s in the process of revealing the car when Waltz rudely storms into the set. Supercar Blondie moans loudly, but Waltz has already disappeared from the picture.

Christoph Waltz runs, breaks into another room, and is finally safe. turn around ?? And he’s standing in the middle of a Christmas party at BMW. Oliver Zipps, Chairman of BMW AG, approaches him, and toasts. The actor relaxes.

Happy ending with the BMW iX in Aventurine Red

A BMW Christmas movie wouldn’t be a true Christmas movie without a happy ending. At the end of the clip, viewers will find out how the story ends. We just give up on this: it is also about the BMW “iX” with a red aventurine paint color, which leaves nothing to be desired. Especially at Christmas.


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