D.He was previously senator for the Berlin interior Andreas Giesel He will be the new senator for urban development, building and housing, the SPD announced in the capital on Monday. The new interior senator will be deputy and deputy SPD chairman Iris Spranger desire. As a senator for education, he is president of the Berlin School Management Association. Astrid-Sabine Busse, Purpose. The senator for economic affairs is said to be the former chairman of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts. Stephen Schwartz, desire.

It has long been clear that the SPD is the state president and former Union Minister for Family Affairs Francesca Kifi Should be the ruling mayor. His election as successor to Michael Mல்லller (SPD) is scheduled for Tuesday in the House of Representatives. Then ten senators – that is the name of the ministers in Berlin – are appointed and inaugurated.

The Green Party presented its three senators two weeks ago: Pettina Jarash (Environment / Transport / Climate Protection), Daniel Wesner (Finance) and Ulric Code (Science and Health).

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November 29, 2021 BERLIN: Bettina Jarash (LR), Puntnis 90 / Di Groene, SPD state president and leading candidate Francisco Kifi and leading candidate Die Linge, Glass Letter, present a coalition agreement between the SPD.  , Greens and leftists in the House of Representatives.  Photo: Carsten Koall / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

There are also three senatorial positions on the left: they want their former federal president Katja Kipping (Integration, Work, Social Affairs) and University Professor Lena Gregg Send to the Senate (Justice). Come in addition Glass LetterMust have been in office since 2016 as Senator for Culture.

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