Home Top News Real beat Barcelona: Cruz scores a free kick in Clsico

Real beat Barcelona: Cruz scores a free kick in Clsico

Real beat Barcelona: Cruz scores a free kick in Clsico

The real failure is Barcelona
Cruise scores in Clசிகsico with a free kick

After beating Liverpool in the Champions League, Real Madrid also celebrates victory in the league. F.C. Coach Zidane’s team leads former world champion Cruz in a valuable fight against Barcelona. With victory, the king will win the top of the table for now.

Real Madrid beat Spanish Classico FC Barcelona thanks to a free-kick from German national footballer Tony Cruise. Las Blancos won 2-1 (2-0) in a valuable fight in the evening in the occasional pouring rain, initially leading the Primara division.

After Kareem Benzema’s heel hit (13th minute) lead, former world champion Cruz stepped up with a deflected free kick (28th). Oscar Mingueza (60th) only joined Barcelona with Lionel Messi and goalkeeper Marc-Andre Der Stegen. In the 90th minute, Casimiro of Madrid saw a yellow-red card. With the sixth consecutive match win, Real drew with past city rivals Atletico with points for at least one night. The front runner will be able to reclaim the top spot again with a draw on Sunday evening (9pm) at Bedis Sevilla. Barcelona Real is in third place after falling behind.

Real beat Madrid Linear 3-1 in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final at Liverpool FC on Wednesday. The Catalan people initially made this effort – until Benzema succeeded in the stroke of genius. The Frenchman took the cross with a heel from Lucas Vazquez and did not allow Der Stegen. The 28-year-old was hit again within half an hour when Sergino Test deflected a cruise free kick from 16 meters. This could not be clarified by Jordi Alba in the lineup, which is the third league goal of the season for Cruz.

Messi smashed the post into a corner shortly before the end of the first half, shortly after Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois denied the Argentine superstar. Messi was again involved in the connection goal: after his pass, Alba crossed and Mingueva was transferred in the middle. Barcelona hit the bar again at stoppage time, but eventually Real coach Zinedine Zidane’s team was able to cheer.

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