Home Economy Google Pay: Two new partner banks for Google’s payment platform in Germany

Google Pay: Two new partner banks for Google’s payment platform in Germany

Google Pay: Two new partner banks for Google’s payment platform in Germany
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Payment platform Google Pay It has been around for a long time in Germany and is likely to be used by millions of users every day to pay in traditional stores or elsewhere. Unfortunately, it still looks weak with the support of German banks, but two new financial institutions have been added, whose customers can now use Google Pay.

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Support for Google Pay can still be greatly expanded in Germany, but thanks to some big names and, above all, the potential detour via PayPal, most users should be able to use the basic payment platform if necessary. We recently showed you supported banks and partners, and now two new banks are being added, although they should not contribute as much to growth. But every new bank counts.

New Google Pay Partners
The new one is now there Oldenburgische Landesbank With support for all MasterCard credit cards too PayrNet With all prepaid MasterCard cards. I’m not at home in banking, but personally I’ve never heard of PayrNet and a Google search yields results in English instead of German. But maybe the company, a Railsbank subsidiary, has one or two customers in Germany after all.

It remains to be seen when the next big bank will join Google Pay or if (and when) the savings banks may one day still want to support the payment platform. There is currently no evidence that at least such a move is being considered.

These banks support Google Pay

  • 1822 visa card
  • Advanzia Bank MasterCard Credit Card
  • Augsburger Aktienbank MasterCard cards
  • Barclay Card Visa credit cards
  • Blessing. Blessing. Master Card Credit Card
  • bong MasterCard cards
  • BW-Bank VISA and Mastercard credit cards
  • C 24 MasterCard cards
  • Citibank visa card
  • comdirect Visa credit cards and prepaid cards
  • Commerzbank All Mastercard and Visa
  • Financial Concert MasterCard cards
  • Consorsbank visa card
  • Curve OS Limited MasterCard Debit Cards
  • DKB Credit Cards Visa, Miles & More Mastercard
  • Hanseatic Bank Visa Credit
  • a job visa card
  • ING-DiBa visa card
  • Klarna Visa credit cards
  • Landesbank Berlin All cards
  • pound Visa cards (including Amazon Visa)
  • Money Money . Cards
  • N26 All Mastercard debit cards
  • net bank MasterCard cards
  • Oldenburgische Landesbank MasterCard cards
  • open seat MasterCard cards
  • PayrNet MasterCard Prepaid Cards
  • girl visa card
  • Pleo Financial Services MasterCard Credit Card
  • Quonto SA MasterCard Debit Cards
  • revolution All cards
  • staxter MasterCard cards
  • tomorrow visa card
  • UAB ZEN.com MasterCard cards
  • Clear visa card
  • Viva wallet MasterCard cards
  • VIMpay MasterCard from VIMpay
  • Volkswagen Financial Services visa card
  • Sage All cards
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