Home entertainment Chrissy Teigen: A new face thanks to plastic surgery

Chrissy Teigen: A new face thanks to plastic surgery

Chrissy Teigen: A new face thanks to plastic surgery

Chrissy Teigen
A new face thanks to plastic surgery

Chrissy Teigen

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The fat has been removed from Chrissy Teigen’s cheeks and she is proudly showing the result of her plastic surgery on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen, 35, is known for speaking very candidly about the ups and downs of her life, including dramatic strokes of fate and cosmetic interventions, and for regularly sharing her life with her fans. She recently revealed on Instagram that she has only been dry for 50 days and that this has been her longest route without alcohol in a long time. And already comes a new recognition.

Chrissy Teigen: Liposuction of the cheeks

In order to reward herself, Chrissy appears to have indulged in a facelift procedure and sucked the fat off her cheeks, People report. On Twitter, she now shows off her plastic surgery success and also says what she thinks: “I see the result and love it.” Chrissy Teigen is open about her regular cosmetic procedures and revealed in 2019 that she had had Botox injections into her armpits to reduce perspiration. “It was so easy. It made me feel better in clothes because I sweat less. I feel more confident. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but I honestly don’t regret it.”

Mega is proud of her last intervention from a plastic surgeon

In her plastic surgeon’s clip from The Cosmetic Lane, Chrissy Teigen proudly shows the result of her latest procedure and explains that she was supported by Dr. Jason Diamond had cheek fat removal surgery. Presents her narrow cheekbones and new defined jawline for the first time. In cosmetic circles, the contour around the chin and jawline is known as the jaw line, which is increasingly becoming the focus of plastic surgery.

Just last year, cookbook author and singer John Legend, 42, underwent surgery to remove her breast implants, and in February she underwent endometriosis to get rid of persistent abdominal swelling.

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