LAccording to a media report, the Communist Party of China has imposed restrictions on civil and church Christmas celebrations. Christmas is a “forbidden Western festival,” according to an previously unpublished document available to the press for human rights and religious freedom, “Bitter Winter”, the Asian Press Service Ucanews announced on Saturday.

Although the guidance cites the increase in corono cases as the reason for the restrictions, the newspaper says it explicitly calls for the implementation of a sinusization policy that strictly prohibits the celebration of Western culture and festivals. However, according to the order, some “cosmetic” Christmas celebrations will be photographed and broadcast by government-recognized churches to show that there are no restrictions.

According to the “bitter winter”, the authorities are said to have wanted to keep secret the paper “Spreading traditional Chinese culture and banning Western festivals” from December 20 to avoid criticism in the West.

The newspaper added that Christmas was “deeply rooted in Western religious culture”: “Some Western nations have relied on their advanced technology and culture to spread their values ​​and way of life in China and to attract our youth.” Some businesses wanted to use these celebrations for their business in order to create their own social impact. “This is detrimental to our traditional Chinese culture,” the document said.

This order urges individuals or organizations to contact the authorities immediately when organizing a Christmas event. In particular, teachers and students are forbidden to celebrate this Western festival. You have to follow the rule of the CP Central Committee and thus become a role model for the spread of Chinese culture. Special envoys have been appointed to receive and deal with grievances.

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