The dream of a stage in Giro di Italia ended in a painful way for Ravensburger Emanuel Bushman. This is the second major setback after the disappointing Tour de France last year. Now how is it going for him?

Injuries to the skull, face and hips, and injuries to the mouth did the rest. The end of all dreams in Giro di Italia struck Emanuel Bouchman brutally.

Outside after a heavy fall

Instead of fighting on stage in the weather chaos of the compressed royal arena, the German professional cyclist faced the consequences of his drastic fall the day before his journey home on Monday. Shortly after the start of Phase 15 on the Grado on the north coast of the Adriatic, Ravensburger fell over a bridge, and half an hour later his team was told to drop the 28-year-old mountain expert to Bora-Hanscro.

Emanuel Bushman in custody after the fall (Photo: Picture-Alliance / Reporterstay, Picture Alliance)

Giro di Italia In the 15th phase of 2021 there was a major downturn shortly after the start of Grado – Corsica. Emanuel Buchman leans over the guard on the right.

Image Alliance

No broken bones

TV footage showed him standing on a guard after the crash, and medical staff took care of his injuries. Bloody wounds on Bushman’s face can be seen in the photos. He was later able to rule out a broken bone that was examined at the hospital. “Emu suffered a mild concussion and multiple injuries to his face and hip. There is also an injury to his mouth on the inside of his lower lip,” said Bora team doctor Christopher Edler. Buchman may be back on his bike soon.

The dream exploded with pain

The rest is the next severe disappointment. Buchmann started the sixth in the overall standings at every opportunity. After initial setbacks, the now-excellent German cyclist has made steady progress and kept his dream alive on stage just before the tough final week, most recently with a solid performance on Saturday at the Monte Soncon. Like last year’s Tour de France, the first 3 places to believe are not fruitful.

Professional cyclist Emanuel Buchman on his racing bike "Everest Challenge" (Photo: Bora Hansgro / Rudy Vildal)

Rotate Mount Everest. With a racing bike. “This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” says professional cyclist Emanuel Buchmann briefly after his “Everest Challenge”.
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Will Bushman start in Tokyo?

Bushman’s first big appearance after the 2020 tour was the Italy tour, which ended in pain and disappointment as he fell into production like Zero instead of being on stage in Paris. “It’s definitely very bitter for us,” Boras sports director Jens Gemke said. “Now we need to change tactics and reduce the damage from last week.” It remains to be seen how Bushman will manage the damage limit in the long 2021 season. It is unlikely he will cope with the France tour in a month. Bora-Hanscro plans to tour with Dutchman Wilco Gelterman as a class driver. Bushman’s return to France is scheduled for 2022. So the Olympics in Tokyo are more than just a start.

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