The mother gives birth to a baby who weighs 6.5 lbs


Oct 20 2021 – 16:28 hour

The family enjoyed a little (big) miracle.

The Pattonai family from Arizona faced a huge surprise when their son Finley was born with a proud weight of 6.5 kilograms. Mama Carrie Patunay and Papa Tim are thrilled about their wonders – because the couple previously suffered several miscarriages.

Mama Carey has miscarried repeatedly

Baby Finlay is a real miracle, says Mama Carey in an interview with the American news portal “Local 12”. Before that, she and her husband tried for a year to have a brother for their sons Devlin (10 years) and Efrat (2). The family’s mother from Peoria, Arizona, had to go through a lot before: In the year before Finlay was born, she struggled with two miscarriage. And before the birth of her second eldest son (2), she had 17 unsuccessful pregnancies. “Two of these miscarriages were actually twin pregnancy‘,” the mother recalls in an interview with ‘Local 12’ about bad strokes of fate. It was a difficult time.”

Doctors are amazed: “We’ve never seen anything so big!”

But a few days ago, on October 11th, Carrie and Tim Pattonay’s fervent wish finally came true when their son Number 3 saw the light of day in the hospital. The planned caesarean section at the 38th week of pregnancy had to be offered daily because the amniotic sac had ruptured. Only – oops – that Finley would be such a big piece, no one expected it. His height is 61 cm and about 6.5 kg – this is not familiar even to the attending doctors and nurses. They said: Oh my God! And Mama Carey remembers, I couldn’t believe she was so big. “When they weighed it in, they said ‘6.4 kilos! We’ve never seen anything so big!” Then hospital staff asked if they could take selfies with the mother and baby, Carey said.

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It was clear to the Batoni family that the family had “big genes” since the birth of Finley’s older brother Everett (2). “When he was born, he was among the top 5 babies at my doctor’s office,” Carrie told Local 12. “A couple of years ago I was thinking: ‘Just wait and see, I’ll get to first place’ – and then we really happened by chance!” (And)


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