The task force is led during the first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning maneuvers. Among the ships that come with it is the giant destroyer Nanjang. At the same time, it belongs to a new class, which refers to China type 055.

The purpose of the exercise is to enhance China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, the Chinese military said in a statement on Monday night. The military did not say when the maneuvers began or how long they would last.

Taiwan considers China a part of it and threatens to intervene militarily if it declares independence. Nevertheless, the country has been operating independently with its own government and democratic establishment since 1949, while China is ruled by a one-party communist regime.

The military action of the Chinese is increasing

U.S. Military officials have recently pointed to an increase in Chinese military operations near the island. For example, although the United States has no official diplomatic relations with Washington’s Taiwan, Taipei provides arms, somewhat regulated by 1979 U.S. law.

The United States said on Tuesday that the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and its warship had sailed into the South China Sea on April 4, where Beijing demanded several disputed areas. The Pentagon called this a routine operation. The U.S. Navy is questioning China’s dominance in the region by allowing its ships to pass to demonstrate navigation freedom.

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