Player still motionless: NHL's brutal selection shocked

The player is still lying motionless
The brutal selection shocked the NHL

Jake Evans decides the first National Hockey League quarter-final playoff between the Montreal Canadians and the Winnipeg Jets with a kick in the empty net. It’s a blow with catastrophic consequences, as Jets star Mark Scheifele brutally exonerates Evans then.

Mark Shefel is one of the best ice hockey players in the NHL. Season after season, the center presents strong statistics, scores many goals, and counts a lot. The 28-year-old won the gold medal in the 2016 World Cup with “Team Canada”. A year later there was still silver. But now Chevelle has made a name for himself in a different, sinister way.

In the first quarterfinal duel of the qualifiers between his Winnipeg Jets and the Montreal Canadians, he brutally checked his opponent Jake Evans at full speed in the last minute. The 25-year-old had previously decided the match with an empty goal (i.e. with a kick into the empty goal). It was 5:3, so that was the end result. Evans, who was also hit in the head, remained motionless on the ice after the brutal attack, but was soon taken care of by a paramedic.

Meanwhile, the referees also tried to protect the player. Because there was a wild brawl around it. Canadian professionals tried to face Chevelle in their own way. For his attack, he finally received a five-minute personal penalty and a 10-minute disciplinary penalty, a penalty called the misconduct penalty. Under the protection of his teammates, Scheffel was finally escorted to the cabin corridor, who was visibly angry at the opponent’s wrath. “If he goes back to the ice in this series, we’ll make his life hell,” declared Joel Edmondson.

After a short treatment, Evans was able to move again, but he could no longer leave the ice on his own. He was put on a stretcher by several doctors and supervisors and brought from the playing area to the encouraging words of his teammates, who all sat on the ice during the break. And according to media reports, he also had to raise his thumb. Incidentally, he was subsequently examined at Bell MTS Place, the home play ground for airplanes, and is not currently hospitalized.

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