Aoi and his wife Iris are allowed to talk to each other via screens. Picture: sat1 . screenshot

‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Aoi talks to his wife Iris – the old saying is the limit

Dirk Krampitz

Day 19 At Big Brother, the latest boom is slowly starting – and two candidates are receiving letters from abroad. However, your reaction is very different from what you expected.

Danny books and the luxury of envy

Daniela asks Inna about her well-being. Picture: sat1 . screenshot

Danny Bucher moaning. Despite or perhaps because of her TV experience, it’s harder on her than Ina, for example. “I’m at a disadvantage because so many people are judging me, I was scared because I knew everyone was judging me. I know some people thought: Oh no, it’s not them!” Then she began to polish her image as a woman anti-luxury of her own free will. “750 euros?” asked Ina, “750 euros?” Ina is closed. “I don’t know exactly anymore. I’m thinking of 600.” Daniela stays with her. “I can get some for 750 euros – but why?” In the bathroom, I marveled at Ina’s many cosmetic bags for a long time, only to share her definition of luxury: “Basically, luxury to me means: You’re loved, you have a roof over your head and your refrigerator is full.”

Later she changed her view a little. “Let’s not kid ourselves, luxury is great.” Then she told Inna how she once bought a 700 euro coffee machine and three iPhone 12s and talked about how she felt at the checkout. Inna, however, admits in the counseling room:

Aoi gets a visit from his wife

Oi’s wife has to go shopping for the space station. Picture: sat1 . screenshot

Uwe’s wife Iris is a surprise guest in the studio. The farmer’s wife reveals: “Our dogs miss him so much and he’s also missing at work.” It now appears to be just as dry in northern Germany as Uwe. Then Iris has to shop at Penny’s for the space station – for whatever reason. It does its job well, giving only 10 cents out of 4 euros. But Melanie complains when she receives the grocery basket. “Milk? Buttermilk?” Eric is happy with the chocolate. “Wonderful!” Oe, who has watched the shopping on TV, concludes dryly: “I guess I have to go to the counseling room?”

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For “Big Brother”, Uwe is of course a gold candidate. The fragile farmer who always stays a bit out of the group, but has thrived remarkably since the discussion. It can tell the story of a hero from the outside on him. Before the couple are allowed to talk to each other, mediator Marilyn Loven first asks Iris about Aoi’s signs of love. Iris willingly gives information.

And you notice it in the conversation. Unlike Melanie and her husband Mike, who were physically able to see each other in the same room yesterday, where Melanie was crying most of the time, the two only talk through the screen and both remain emphatically dry. In eyes and humour. Marlene Lovin asks the farmer: “Would you like to talk to her?” “I don’t know now,” he says and laughs.

Then they speak of course. “Hello rabbit,” he answered, “Well, my dear.” “Everything goes in the house, Leo misses you so much,” she says. Oi asks, “Does anyone mow the lawn when I’m not there?” So it’s a back-and-forth skirmish. When Uwe went to “Celebrity Big Brother,” Iris’ hair was still white blonde, and now it’s red. “Yesterday I got a video message that I couldn’t focus on because I was so angry about my hair,” Ovey later admits. But in a direct conversation with Iris, he did not show anything, his roommates told him about it.

However, in the end, he brought out one sentence that would lead to a relationship crisis in the others: “I missed you so much—for a while, but now I have a distraction here.” Eris clearly knows what he means. She laughs. This must be love. Because she’s also defending him when she plays Saturday 1 Reviews from Uwe’s roommates. “He has thick skin and everyone has the same chances. Everyone wants to go to the final and everyone wants money, and if you don’t say that, you’re lying.”

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Eric gets a blue mark and experiences a blue miracle

Eric receives a video message from his parents. Picture: sat1 . screenshot

The residents of the space station drew their faces. This will only be explained in tomorrow’s broadcast. But Eric sits with a face of color in the counseling room and listens to a video message from his parents. “You’re doing a great job, even if he gets used to some of what you say – especially to my mom,” says his father.

Then the “Big Brother” asked Eric to reveal the pregnant beside him: Below is the bio of his Instagram account – now with a blue tick. A few days ago he had lectured for a long time about how much he wanted the hook because he sees it as a confession as a celebrity. “Cool, thank you, cute, so cool, I fought for so long.”

His enthusiasm seems weak. and he. He also reveals to his colleagues on the space station. “I think my parents are a little pissed – because here I also talk about some things I wouldn’t normally say about myself, I noticed.” Kind of reassuring that Eric doesn’t share his sexual stories while having coffee with his parents. But it’s also shocking that he didn’t think of these reactions beforehand. He tries to make the weather a little better: “Mom, Dad, I love you both, I’ll be happy when I get back with you soon.”

pasta duel

The duel over who can nominate. Picture: sat1 . screenshot

Eric and Melanie compete against Babis and Ina in a duel. The winners area can nominate and enjoys the same nomination protection. Mission: You have to play in pairs using a large noodles in pool against the other team and dribbling the ball over the goal line. Ina and Papis score a quick goal and then successfully punch in the goal. You win 1-0

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Hence only Big Planet would nominate it. Danny Buchner chose Marie, “because I think it’s hard for her here with all the people here.” Oi takes Danny. “I’ve taken Danny the last two times and I’m taking him again for the same reasons. Because he can get nervous and lose control of himself.” Nominated by Eric Babes. “Because he was really strong in combat today.” Ina nominates Melanie. “Because she fought so well and I have no heart for others.” For Eric, Danny, and Mary, now is the time to shiver for 24 hours for the audience to vote. For Marie, this is the second time in a row. You and Baku are nominated for the day. Paco Steinbeck hit her, he’s out.

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