And the winner … We finally found out who can expect a prize of 100,000 euros in the “Famous Big Brother” final on Friday evening.

Updated August 11, 11:50 am: Finally she is the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021! Almost four hours after the broadcast, “Big Brother” announced: Melanie Mல்லller had won 22 episodes. The 33-year-old mother of two struggled with marital problems during the show and admitted several mistakes. The tough Ballerina singer and reality actress have been seen very rarely before. Apparently she was able to get many sympathy points from the audience. Second place went to “Boer Suzuki Frow” star Yue Abel, who lost very close to his rival.

Celebrity Big Brother 2021 (Sat.1): He is in 3rd place

Last Updated on August 27, 11:11 pm: There are only two residents in the race to win the “Famous Big Brother” in 2021: Melanie Mல்லller and Uwe Abel have a chance to win another 100 100,000. Danny Lightke finished 3rd.

“Prom Big Brother” 2021: First release sure

Updated August 9, 9:25 PM: Called the “fourth winner”, “Big Brother”, model Bobbies Lovede. He should get less votes in the semifinals and leave the show. Now Melanie Mல்லller, Danny Lightke and Uwe Abel are still running.

First Report: “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021: Who will win the Grand Final today? Who is the favorite to win?

Munich – 21 “Famous Big Brother” full of drama episodes, somewhat tired and somewhat fun, has junk TV fans behind them this season. Everyone in the first episode since August 6 watched Melanie Mல்லller’s wedding play and learned that Kita Sox was dependent on a guru and now knows how much Uwe Abel’s nose has affected her family control. But there were also scenes that many wanted to do without the audience, for example the disgusting discussion about “businessman” Eric Cinderman’s underwear. But, compared to last year, more and more fans don’t seem to be entertaining well.

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All four celebrities are in the 2021 “Famous Big Brother” finals

In Chapter 22 we will finally find out who will win the ninth “Famous Big Brother” success. Like the first episode, the Grand Final is scheduled for three hours and 40 minutes (Friday, 8:15 pm to 11:55 pm) followed by a “Late Night Show”. Three residents and one resident have borne the brunt of the “famous Big Brother” universe and received the most calls: Ballerina singer Melanie Mர்ller, model Bobbies Lovede, amateur actor Danny Lightke and cult farmer Uwe Abel are the finalists for 2021.

“Famous Big Brother” Finalists 2021.

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“Celebrity Big Brother” 2021: Who likes to win?

Who is the 83rd year old reality show winner after Werner Honsh? One clear predictor is already retired George Dreger or Melanie Mல்லller predicting first place. Somewhat well-established conclusions can be drawn from one Promiflash– Poll with 6,793 readers. Of those, 43.8 percent voted for farmer Uwe Abel, ahead of Melanie M முller and Danny Lightke.

Danny can definitely count on a huge fan base. On Instagram, she leads with 478,000 followers, followed by Melanie (221,000 followers), Bobbies (34,000) and Boer Uwe with less than 6,000 fans. From the latest Werner Hans, we know that social media fans don’t have to be very outspoken. Incidentally, he said on Instagram that Uwe is a favorite. His good friend and co-finalist, Ike Hoffcold, wants Wellerman colleague Melanie Mல்லller to be the winner.

So all the cards are still open to the four finalists. Here you can see who will win on Friday, August 27th (spl)

Vote for who you will give the “Famous Big Brother” success in 2021

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