There is another animal drama at Kabul airport. American animal shelter operators want to leave the country with their dogs. They are waiting for a landing permit for a private jet.

An American organization that cares for animals in Afghanistan He cares, asks for help. 35 employees inAcceptance Small animal rescue “Stuck in the Afghan capital. They were able to charter their own planes to fly themselves and about 250 animals were rescued. To do this, they need a special landing permit.” We need someone to sign the DIP document, the organization writes on Twitter. It’s a note diplomats can make. This is the only way a private plane can land, or alternatively, animal rescuers fly a military plane.

However, the time window is getting smaller and smaller, and US forces want to leave the airport by August 31st at the latest. To fund a special trip, the organization has already raised $190,000 in donations. Animal rights activists have been waiting at the airport for four days and say they are visibly exhausted. Some of the dogs from the shelter served US soldiers and security personnel.

On Saturday, a British animal rights activist managed to leave Kabul with himself and some animals. He managed to escape from Kabul with more than 170 cats and dogs. Former Navy SEAL and animal rescuer Paul Farthing ran an animal shelter in Afghanistan. From there he tried to escape with his Afghan staff, but only the animals managed to board the machine.

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