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Digital Games 2021 will close soon and with it the Indie Arena Booth. We’ve meticulously researched the games for you beyond Triple A games and let our top independent experts unlock trial versions of over 120 games. We have discovered 6 real game surprises that we would like to recommend right now.

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Insider Tips from Gamescom: Trailers, Information and More

You have big gamescom ads on your screen anyway and would like more information about the smaller ones, Special game pearls? Then we have the perfect overview for you. We sent our best independent experts out to the field and combed several games outside the Triple A zone.

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gamescom 2021: you definitely missed out on these 14 indie hopes

Not only did we judge games superficially, we actually did it widely for you in Indy Arena booth break up It tells you which games you should not miss. if Type, platform or trailer We give you the most important information:


  • a program: PC, Xbox
  • Type: adventure, fiction, instructive
  • launch: 1. September 2021
  • link to steam

In Lake, she plays Meredith Weiss, who plays the role of Her father’s postman job She takes matters into her own hands and returns to her sleepy lakeside hometown. There is a rich story with exciting characters to discover.

Thoughtful conversations Don’t let conversations with residents boring. The Great power of the lake It’s in the right mix of well-designed tasks as a postman and a feel-good atmosphere with just the right relaxation.

Drive your own mail truck In real GTA mode (At least that’s what we did) Across the picturesque town and become a DHL postman!

I was a teenager outside colonialism

  • a program: Computer
  • Type: Narrative with decisions, life simulation, deck building
  • launch: unknown
  • link to steam

I was a decolonized teenager tells a story about coming of age in which you are the protagonist From 10 to 19 years old Accompanied – under special circumstances. Because you are part of the first group of people who are supposed to find and colonize another planet.

Not only many beloved characters remain in memory, but above all cool drawing style And an interesting story to have an opinion.

Also the unusual combination of life simulation, where you have to manage your time well, and short simulation Card games in battles, Give me I was a solitary teenager to colonize that certain thing.

You suck in parking

  • a program: Computer
  • Type: Racing game, arcade
  • launch: 2022
  • link to steam

This funny and challenging racing game is not about being the first to finish the race. Instead, you have to be in the right place and Park in time.

You Suck At Parking gives you exactly one minute to park your cars in the designated parking spots on the level – not only do you have to do sharp bends and slopes, but also huge wind turbines And challenge other crazy obstacles.


  • a program: Computer
  • Type: Adventure, RPG
  • launch: 16. September 2021
  • link to steam

In this narrative RPG, you play the role of a detective Solve crimes in a virtual world. Careful checks and interviews are extremely important – your decisions have a huge impact on the game.

With many conversations or other opportunities to interact, you have many options to achieve your goal. Gamedec there very branched Running one game is hardly the same as the next.


  • a program: PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS
  • Type: Puzzles and music
  • launch: 2022
  • link to steam

ONDE is a bit more experimental. Browse on ultrasound Cross the beautiful game world and embark on a musical journey that is second to none.

However, surfing requires good timing. For example, to move forward you have to emit different tones, which then send waves to meet you while you are still riding on another wave.

It looks more complicated than it actually is – almost edited experience With ONDE it is generally difficult to describe in words. So you can have a look at the demo for yourself!

Frank and Drake

  • a program: Computer
  • Type: Adventure, Mystery, Point and Click
  • launch: unknown
  • link to steam

In Frank and Drake, you will be in life The two opposites, Frank and Drake thrown. And it’s well thrown: you immerse yourself in the stories of the two characters and at first you don’t know what’s really going on. But gradually you get to know their desires and fears as well as their daily lives.

Frank and Drake love one extraordinary optics It uses a special procedure called a rotoscopy. Animations are layered on top of real movie sequences frame by frame, creating the special effect.

The narrative threads of Frank and Drake are inevitably connected and Your decisions have a huge impact About the story of the game. Frank and Drake is definitely different from other games – if you like games with an artistic side, you will love Frank and Drake!

Adventure often reveals that you want to know more, but it always remains mysterious enough. Interesting mini games Rotate the unusual point and click. If you want to experience it for yourself, you must Frank and Drake Show Try it for yourself!

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During gamescom 2021 we will not leave all the freelance friends and find out for you the best inside tips for Indie Arena Booth. Be sure to check out our selected game pearls, or simply visit the Indie Arena Booth for yourself and enjoy exclusive demos until August 29!

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