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CDU does not want to vote against or against Hook in Thuringia: SPD stunned – “due to fire wall”

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Bodo Ramelo should face a constructive vote of no confidence. AfD politician Björn Höcke is ready for election. The CDU is planning a boycott – which raises serious suspicions.

Erfurt – The turmoil in the Thuringian state parliament was enriched by another volt. The CDU Parliamentary Committee wants to implicitly boycott the Afti no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Bodo Ramello: The CDU in Erbert announced on Wednesday that MPs will not leave their seats in the full hall to vote. In return, it received harsh criticism from the competition.

Afti wants their parliamentary group chairman, Jார்rn Hook, to vote in the next election. “With his candidacy, Jார்rn Hooke is once again trying to discredit this parliament. So we will not engage in the obvious games of opti,” said CDU colleague Mario Voigt.

However, there is also the study that Christian Democrats wanted to prevent their own MPs from voting for Hook – or that Afti is using secret ballot to spread rumors. However, it is unlikely that additional votes for Afti will come from other parliamentary committees.

Thuringia: CDU Hawk boycotts polls – SPD, left and Greens stunned

“The CDU parliamentary group in Thuringia is not in a position to vote unanimously against Prime Minister Hugh in Thuringia. The problem was “Hennick-Velso was the leader of the party in Thuringia until he became party leader.

“They’re a pathetic cluster – because of the firewall on the right? The dull black and brown tarpaulin you can go in and out of,” Ralph Steckner, former Social Democrat vice-president, explained in a brief press conference. , Who made the parliamentary committee vote “No.” “If you run for a fascist prime minister, you’m going to protest,” said Lors Klingbeel, general secretary of the Social Democrats. “Anyone who leaves the room is a coward.”

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No-confidence vote in Thuringia: Greens testify CDU “runs away from right-wing extremists”

Michael Kelner, federal manager of the Green Party, accused the Thuringian Christian Democrats of “running away from right-wing extremists.” “This is embarrassing behavior on the part of the CDU,” he said. Wojcet also noted the assessment of the Thuringian State Office for Defending the Constitution, which identifies the AFT regional association as “proven extremist efforts.” However, he made different decisions: “Bjorn Hooke is a right-wing extremist who will not vote for us.”

The Thuringian state parliament is due to decide on Friday after the lunch break on the no-confidence motion announced by the AFTI parliamentary committee against Ramelo. The CDU vote will have no practical consequences. In a hopeless constructive vote, the candidate needs 46 votes. Afti has only 22 seats in the state parliament. So Hook’s candidacy is really hopeless.

Thuringian state parliament in turmoil: Red-red-green hopes for “implementation policy” – FDP likely to lose parliamentary committee position

Most recently, plans to dissolve the state parliament failed. Several MPs from the CDU announced they would not vote for this approach; Thus the majority was at risk for this move. The Left, the Greens and the Social Democrats do not want to trust Afti to dissolve the state parliament.

It is not clear at present what the majority in the Erfurt Parliament looks like: the CDU has suspended the stability agreement with the red-red-green government. Ramello insisted that the majority should now be organized with the help of five parliamentary committees. The priority now is to divide the state budget for 2022. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment Anja Siegsmond (Greens) spoke about the “implementation policy” that is now needed.

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Left, SPD and Greens need to get approval for their plans from CDU and FDP. A majority beyond the Left and the AFP is not possible in parliament. Voight reiterated on Wednesday that they are likely to have bad cards through the CDU: “Our goal is to end the broken red-red-green minority government.”

But the FDP is also in trouble: Liberals have confirmed that state lawmaker Jude Bergner did not leave the parliamentary committee “unexpectedly”. The FDP is threatening to lose its parliamentary committee status because it will not have the minimum five members required for a parliamentary committee once it leaves. The party entered parliament in 2019 with 5.0 percent. Bergner recently wanted to support the dissolution of the state parliament – unlike their parliamentary committee chairman, Gemmeric. (Material from AFP) * is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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